Smartthings Plug Not Running Locally

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I have four of these smartthings energy monitoring zigbee plugs (GP-WOU019BBEWA). When I set them up and scan the qr code it adds them as ‘Zigbee Metering Plug’ which is executed on the cloud. Being samsung branded devices I would think they would execute commands locally like my Aeotec Smart switch does. If I change the device type to ‘SmartSense Outlet’ it will start running locally and everything works much faster except it seems to calculate the wattage incorrectly. A first world problem I know…but if anyone can shed any light on this situation that would be much appreciated.


@tech2urdoor, look at this topic for ideas.

SmartThings smart plugs - suddenly cloud connected?

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@BroderickCarlin, this is the second report in the last few days about these SmartThings zigbee powermeter socket, that they are not running locally. Has somebody mixed up some zigbee fingerprints or is there any other reason why they shouldn’t be local?

The older models used DTH SmartPower Oulet, which does run local. Hard to know why the newer one has fingerprint assigned to Zigbee Metering Outlet, which does not run local, but you can try changing the DTH assignment and see if it still works without any ill affect.

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He mentioned that it calculates the wattage incorrectly, but he didn’t elaborate. I haven’t looked at the DTH code between the two to see what’s different yet.

ah, that’s what happens when you don’t finish reading :slight_smile:

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So for now it depends whether your priority is proper metering, or local execution :slight_smile: I went for local execution and changed handler to SmartPower outlet.

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Haha yep! I have all my readings sent to influxdb so I can nerd out on all the power usage graphs on grafana. Unfortunately I’ve had to prioritise the correct readings. All that aside, you would think that me scanning the qr code on the device would set it up with the correct local device handler out of the box since it is their product. Strange that I would get a better experience from a third party device like I did with the aeotec, although the smartthings ones are half the price and really good value here in Australia.

My internet has an outage right now.
I have a number of smartthings outlets, I think a few of each version.
I was disappointed when I realised that the latest version of the outlet doesn’t run locally.
But since my internet went down yesterday, all my devices are showing as offline and none of my automations work.
As most of my outlets are the older ones which do run locally and have always continued to work with automations during previous internet outages, I’m wondering what’s happening.
Do I have a problem with my smartthings?
Or does local processing no longer work without an internet connection?
Any advice would be helpful.

The online/offline showing in the cloud and app is all based on the cloud. So if the cloud can’t reach the device, because your internet is out, it assumes it is offline. But your local automations will continue to work.

The local automations were not working.
In the past, they’ve worked fine without internet.
This time was different which is why I made my post.
As soon as my internet was restored, all my devices came back online and automations began working again.
I’m really confused.
I think that some of my devices and smartapps are running locally, because the ones that can run locally respond much faster than the ones which can’t.
It appears that for the local processing to work I must have an internet connection though.

I definitely do not have that problem, and very recently we lost our internet connect and all my SmartLighting rules that were local ran just fine. I know for sure because my staircase lights kept coming on w/motion.

Here’s the setup and “local” status of each:


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Thanks for the clear and detailed reply.
That’s how mine used to work, until now.

I wasn’t sure if something had changed with how smartthings works.
I wanted to check before I started messing around with my stuff.

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