Generic Smart Plug need help

I purchased one of these plugs and I am able to control it from SmartThings and see status, but if controlled from Alex status doesn’t show. I am using the SmartPower as the Device type. Any ideas would be helpful.

I thought those should be using the “ZigBee Switch” device type? They look just like the ones in this thread:

Thank you, John, that did it. What was strange, the support document said it would be recognized as a Zigbee plug. it wasn’t recognized at all. It installed as a thing but said please wait. Now works fine.

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I am not a developer. I bought the eWelink “Smart” Plug on eBay also and my SmartThings app shows it to be a Thing. You guys seem to understand how to implement this as a plug… Please help? Pretty Pleeeaassseee?

Never mind… I may not be a developer, but I guess I’m a genius. I figured it out by creating and publishing a new driver. :grin: