SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Andrew Thomas) #62

There’s two sides to a SmartThings integration. We’re happy to take a look at your account. Email my assistant and I’ll put our engineer on it, instead of customer service.

We’ll need you to provide full details of your account, phone, mobile OS and the other integrations you have with those devices.

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(Devesh Batra) #63



Thanks for the offer. Will email you next week after Labor Day



Done. You know if there of been any recent firmware update pushes? Support is very reluctant in replying to that repeated question I have for them

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #65

Why do you think that will be any different?

(sanjay murugesan) #66

Have been using sky bell HD but it is very buggy. Most of the time it goes offline :frowning: … Got to make it more stable or else the potential buyers will shy away.

(Chris) #67

Worth a try. Different programmers can yield different results. Not to mention ring is well established. I only purchased the skybell due to the true PIR motion detection which ring does not have. However I felt ring always had a better application which they most likely will be able to integrate much more reliable with ST.

(Simon) #68

@SkyBellAndrew, isn’t the Skybell HD and ST integration support in UK, even though Skybell sells them through TopSolute which them in Europe in a EU-version?

If the official instructions here doesn’t work in EU, which alternative integration can you suggest?

Is there a unofficial Device Handler and SmartApp I can add myself in IDE?

Thank you in advance

(Andrew Thomas) #69

Excellent. There’s always firmware updates, but that doesn’t necessarily impact our cloud partners. Also, there’s two sides to a partnership, so we’ll take your info and see what’s happening. Could be us. Could be ST. Either way, we’ll sort it out. Nothing works perfect the first time.

(Andrew Thomas) #70

Skybell has more API partners than any doorbell solution. Honeywell home security, home security and Monitronics trust Skybell. It’s also no accident we’re the first to release with every cloud partner.

(Andrew Thomas) #71

Hi Simon, we don’t allow for any customization or provide APIs outside our parents. So you may need to consider another platform that we’ve built an official integration.

(Wayne) #72

Sorry have no idea what this means. Is there no support planned for the UK?


Hi Andrew
Came out this morning and my skybell popped itself off my wall with a bloated battery. Pretty bummed as I have to have someone come repair my stucco before I can install the new one. When It comes it will be the 6th skybell I have installed on my house. I really love the thing and want it to work so bad. Support has been great and my only issue now seems to to be iOS 10 support.

Thanks for making yourself available here!

(Simon) #74

Hi Andrew
As Wayne also commented I don’t quite understand either. Skybell’s advertisement says it’s the first doorbell to support SmartThings, and SmartThings is officially also in UK. I have not read anywhere in Skybells advertisement that UK was an exception.
So are there no support / integration planned for UK?

And again which alternative do you mean to connect Skybell to SmartThings by “…consider another platform…”?
Do you mean IFTTT or something else?


I’ve been trying to get skybell to turn on my outdoor lights when the button is pressed, but haven’t had any luck so far. I have tried the applicable smart apps (smart lights, rule machine, etc.) but none of them seem to do anything. Am I missing something, or is this feature not working yet?

(Beckwith) #76

I’ve had success with Smart Lighting and SkyBell motion. I haven’t tried button press yet. You might want to try motion instead because SkyBell response is not instant and times vary. In my situation the light is delayed just to the point where it seems like I manually turned the light on.

(Andrew Thomas) #77

If you’re having issues with your SkyBell and SmartThings, please email We’ll take a look.

Please provide:

Your Email that you use for skybell account
The other products you have connected
Please clearly describe the issue or circumstances you are experiencing

Please note that there are two sides to this integration. We can only affect our side, yet we’ll work with the ST developers to see what we can do.

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(Lori Veltri) #78

Hello Andrew.
I have a skybell HD and

It RARELY works through the app but worked great via the skybell app. Was hoping I would only need to use one app. My router works fine but keeps dropping skybell. Any particular way to set my Asus RT-N66U router so I get a longer range to doorbell? I just want it to work!

(Andrew Thomas) #79

Hi Lori, there isn’t much we can to do make a router extend further. You may need a range extender. Email my assistant and we can refer a good extender.

(sanjay murugesan) #80

I am able to trigger the picture through smartthings but not able to view them anywhere. I just see the entry that"image has been triggered" but dont actually see the picture in the activity feed tab on Smartthings.

Andrew, I had emailed as you suggested with the issues that I am facing with SkyBellHD. It goes into this mode where it blinks blue and red and stops working. After a while it starts working again.

(Andrew Thomas) #81

Sanjay, The image should appear in your camera roll on your smartphone. Also, blue/red blinking mode means that your device is not getting enough power. It’s likely that your transformer is old or just not putting out enough power for the device’s battery to keep a charge.