SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(sanjay murugesan) #82

I don’t see it in the camera roll on iPhone, already triple checked there. Regarding the transformer being old, I just moved into a new house built just few months back. Do I have to bring up with builder? What are the options to get more power from the transformer?

(Andrew Thomas) #83

Sanjay, please email and we’ll do a deep dive into your device

(Simon) #84

Hi Andrew
Can you help with a reply to this?

2q: My Skybell is mounted on a 90 degree wall to the door. Meaning it’s closet object is the door itself.
My picture of any person standing infront of the door is blurry, and I was thinking if it’s because the doorbell has autofous and focuses on the door.

3q: When skybell button is pushed and I get notification on my phone and tap the notification, then about every 2nd time it goes into the Skybell app to live view, but the live feed never appears.
If I go into the app and presses Watch Live, then it works every time.

(pfa) #85

Really nice to have somebody from Skybell answering questions. I would really appreciate comments on following issues I have:

  1. It’s impossible to do initial setup if a phone has Android 6. I tried 3 different phones - and app is just stuck on a step when it tries to connect to Skybell. The only way to do setup for me was to find phone with Android 5. I brought up this issue with customer support in June, and I did a handful of debugging for them - but when I tried to setup it last week the same issue occurred. Seems like customer support never passed our conversation to the developers.

  2. Motion detection is laggy - saved footage often shows just a back of delivery guy or nobody at all if he was fast enough. And that’s on ‘high’ sensitivity, with distance between porch stairs and doorbell of maybe 3m.

  3. Doorbell is always shown as ‘offline’ in the Smartthings, but nevertheless accepts actions and forwards button presses

  4. Doorbell is taking pictures for ST app every 5 minutes, without any obvious reason. How would I disable it?


I am having all 4 of the same issues as the above poster. Can we get a response from skybell on addressing these?

(Justin Wurth) #87

@Tyler Did the ring integration ever occur?

(Travis N) #88

Recent post about ring (3 days ago from ST staff),…


Is there a way to save images to my own server and not the cloud?

(Sal) #90

Hi - I have been writing this on many thread but seems no one knows the answer to this. The real use of having a video door bell integrated with the lock on the door makes so much sense to me but seems no one cares about that.

I have a skybell door bell integrated with my smartthings, what i am asking is how difficult is it have a button on this skybell smart app to unlock a (mapped) door lock which is also integrated to my smartthings. Any insight will be well appreciated.



I’m also receiving a message in my Activity feed every few minutes saying “[Device Name] outdoor chime is off” and “[Device Name] indoor chime is off”.

Not only do they fill up my activity feed, but they are incorrect. Both my indoor and outdoor chimes are turned ON.

Do we know who developed the SmartApp so we can file a bug report?

Also, I would like to DISABLE the auto-snapshot every 5min feature. Skybell says that it takes the device over 30secs to reset/recover after turning off the camera. This frequently turning on/off the camera every 5min to take a picture has caused my device to miss events occurring in that recovery period. (

If I try to access the “Live Feed” from the Skybell app immediately after SmartThings takes a snapshot, the video will NOT load, the app just shows a spinner because the camera isn’t accessible. I have to “hang-up” and wait a minute before the Skybell app will load the “Live Feed”.

Ideally the SmartApp would let us either disable this feature, or set a custom frequency (say 180min).

(Devesh Batra) #92

@SkyBellAndrew My Skybell always says device offline in ST and none of my routines work (turn outside light on when button pressed…)

the Skybell works in their app and when i click on the device name under things, it shows the current picture and also shows the activity feed

Not sure what’s wrong with the integration


@SkyBellAndrew @slagle How do we get in touch with the developer/maintainer of the Skybell SmartApp? There are some issues that need attention. I’m happy to write the code patches myself if you can make the source code available to me.

Please let us know. Thanks!

(Andrew Thomas) #94

HI Adam, thanks for the note. Sorry to hear there are issues. You can email the bugs to We’ll look into them. Our program is private, so unfortunately we can’t send you any API documentation or source code.

(Nikhil Sharma) #95

During the day, it’s tough to see anyone’s face.

Any tips for alleviating this? The issue is that the skybell is installed in a dark covered area on the front porch facing the street. During the day when it’s bright outside, you can’t see anyone’s face.

Is there anything I can do? Other than this, haven’t had much issue with the product. Works well so far.

(Beckwith) #96

Got this email from Skybell today, but could only find a vague mention on their Facebook page:

Big Motion Sensor Update
SkyBell HD’s motion sensor now lets you see more of what you miss with our new motion sensor capability. Now you can see recorded video of the person at your door before they get to your doorstep.

How does it work?
The SkyBell HD starts recording sooner so you get a full recording of the person approaching and leaving your front door.

What do you need to do?
You don’t need to do a thing. This update is in a new firmware that has already been released to your SkyBell HD.

I noticed this yesterday. It is a great improvement. However, it needs about a second more before motion is detected in my opinion. Regardless, this makes Skybell video more useful and is a welcomed improvement.

(Charles) #97

Would someone with the update list the version number? Mine says 1104.

When it works, I’m relatively happy with it. But it frequently just stops. I can query the device info, but it won’t trigger on motion and frequently ignores a button push Usually, a power cycle hi3s it back but it’s very finicky.


I have FW 1122. It’s been way better in the past 2 weeks and I was wondering why. I did not receive that email…

(Chris) #99

I also have FW 1122. The pre-record time for motion sensing is better but not fantastic compared to ring. Also think the motion sensitivity and field of range needs some rework. Love the PIR however I think you should be able to create zones similar to ring and confirm motion via PIR.

(Charles) #100

Any suggestion on how to force a firmware upgrade (still on 1104)? I don’t expect support will be around until Tuesday.

(Sal) #101

The latest firmware upgrade which improves the video length when a motion is detected is a very good improvement. The recorded videos are far more meaningful now. Thanks for the good work.