SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

(Devesh Batra) #42

Andrew, my Skybell has stopped functioning since i enabled this functionality. Not sure if there was any firmware update pushed in the last few days which could have contributed to this issue

it flashes red/green every few days and i have to reset it by holding the front button for over a minute (soft reboot) or by re-adding the bell in the app

Even when its working, i dont get motion alerts in the app or ST (yes motion is turned ON and set to Medium), only when the button is pressed

Called Skybell support and all they make me do is reset the bell, and it stops working after a few hours again…

(Eric) #43

I get doorbell presses, and that notification is only via the app, not ST (although don’t consider that a huge deal). I am more interested in getting motion and recordings to work when ST is away. Haven’t figured that out yet…having motion on all the time is getting annoying when people are home.

(Andrew Thomas) #44

@sijitsma can you jump in on this one? Devesh is having issues.

(Andy Armijo) #45

jeeze. I wish mine looked so pretty and ordered. All of my text overlaps my pictures.

(Chris) #46

Andy, my text overlaps the photos as well. For example my thermostat text is constantly hidden under photos.

I am still consistently receiving the following message every 1-5 minutes.
“Outdoor chime is on
Indoor chime is on
Followed by a photo”

I am thinking of disconnecting the skybell from smartthings as I feel it is not ready for public release. The activity feed is not useable in this current state.

(Chris) #47

Smartthings now shows my skybell as offline when in fact the device is online working properly. I am receiving notifications for motion and button press via the skybell app fine. Seems like there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out with the skybell integration with smartthings. I have disconnected my device from smartthings until then.

(Devesh Batra) #48

Andrew thanks… Looks like my Skybell may be bad… the team is working on a RMA :frowning:

(Chris) #49

Is there any news regarding the issues with skybell integration and smartthings? Specifically how the activity feed consistently receives the same message and photo every 1-5 minutes?

(Andrew Thomas) #50

Some accounts failed to add triggers, but not all of them. If you aren’t getting events, you should re-sync ST to your SkyBell account.

(Andrew Thomas) #51

Ok Devesh. Keep me updated. Our failure rates are extremely low, so keep working with our team to find out if it’s environmental or the device.

And just note that some accounts didn’t sync with the SmartThings <> SkyBell launch. We made some tweaks, so re-syncing is solving the issue for problem devices.

(Andrew Thomas) #52

Some accounts failed to add triggers, but not all of them. If this is you, try and re-sync ST to your SkyBell account. We made some tweaks.

(Andrew Thomas) #53

The SkyBell push notifications will continue to be sent. The ST integration is to create rules and recipes, not to replace the notification engine.

(Chris) #54

Andrew, I am still consistently receiving the following alerts in the notification activity feed every 1-5 minutes.
“Outdoor chime is on
Indoor chime is on
Followed by a photo”

Is this something that can be turned off? What is the reasoning for receiving these alerts all the time?

(Andrew Thomas) #55

Did you disconnect the sync between your ST and Skybell account? And then recreate the link?

Also, if you’re motion sensor is on, and it detects motion, it’s going to activate.

Is it sendng you a pop-up with this info?
“Outdoor chime is on
Indoor chime is on
Followed by a photo”

(Chris) #56

Yes I have disconnected and reconnected. That did not fix any issues.

I am not receiving popups with The following. This only shows in my activity feed within smartthings. I sent a few screenshots earlier in this chat.
“Outdoor chime is on
Indoor chime is on
Followed by a photo”

(Andrew Thomas) #57

I’ll pass this along to the dev team.

(Justin Wurth) #58

Oh my, @tyler you’re not supposed to promise things! Ok now I’m going out to buy one tonight. This is on your shoulders now. I will bug you every week for the remaining weeks until release.

(Devesh Batra) #59

Andrew, notifications are still a hit/miss if i integrate the Skybell HD with ST even with the new bell

If I remove the Skybell from ST, i get notifications everytime for motion / button press…


@SkyBellAndrew getting this all the time and support isn’t helping.

(Chris) #61

Don’t hold your breath. I’ve had issues since the integration went live and 0 support from anyone. Waiting for integration with ring so I can switch.