Skybell integration

It would be great if Skybell was integrated into smartthings.


Yep. I ask them about their API release every month or so. Crickets so far.

Heck, just let us get a webhook on motion or press, so we can do something with the event :smile:


I also asked. They sent me a message that said “big things are coming”

I don’t understand why any of these companies hide their API!!! I don’t doubt the first doorbell that integrates well into STs will get thousands of orders from us :smile:

I would be happy if their Digital Doorbell Adapter was compatible to ST without the Skybell option.

@schettj - I’m with SkyBell. Out of curiosity, what are you most interested in doing with those hooks?

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@tslagle - Curious, what makes you think it’d be thousands? What integrations are you most interested in with a SkyBell as the trigger?

For motion - basically it’s already a weather-tight motion sensor outside, so I can turn on lights on motion (if it’s night)

For ring - lights on if motion didn’t trigger it, announce via Sonos if someone is home (only in room with recent motion) if no one is home, play barking dog sound :smile:

Those are two easy ones that come to mind.

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Any particular event outcomes you want: turn on lights, lock door, etc?

That’s great to hear. We’re trying to gauge interest and find out exactly what people want.

When Apple HomeKit comes out, would you transition into that ecosystem or stay with SmartThings?

[quote=“SkyBellAndrew, post:10, topic:16328”]
When Apple HomeKit comes out, would you transition into that ecosystem or stay with SmartThings?
[/quote]I like the openness of ST, I’ll not transition to HomeKit.

I am finding SmartThings too unreliable at present. Case in point: Hue status has broken in the last week or so, so events I had set up based on a particular hue coming on no longer work.

It’s too early to say what the viable candidates will be: my personal plan is to see what’s available in Summer 2016 and make an ecosystem decision then. If ST stability improves, it will be a candidate, but so will HomeKit.

A video doorbell is definitely one of the devices I want. I am quadriparetic, so I want as many things as possible to to be handsfree voice operable. I have an Echo and really like it. I also use Hey Siri on both an iPad and watch.

What I would like to see from a video doorbell:

  1. notification that doorbell has rung and I have voice controlled option to view video on my watch or ipad. (I don’t use the iPhone directly.)

  2. option to automatically turn on the porch light if there is motion detected by doorbell.

  3. handsfree two way intercom

  4. option to change doorbell from chime to blinking Hue light (baby sleeping mode)

  5. low, medium, and loud chime (big game day mode, lots of noise in the house, lots of people coming to the door). Again voice controllable.

  6. option for a proximity detection instead of pushing a button. The motion detection is fine for this. Not all of my friends can press buttons.

  7. handsfree option to view video on demand even if no motion has been detected. (Look for packages mode)

  8. IFTTT channel

I’m fine if some of these options depend on a rules engine in a separate controller like SmartThings, which is where integration comes in.

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Andrew, any updates on releasing the API? I would love to have skybell trigger lights through ST, or turn on camera functionality, log events where motion was at my front door, etc.

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I just want to make it known to @SkyBellAndrew that I saw a Skybell on sale today and I specifically did not buy it because I googled “Skybell smarthings” and came across this thread.

To answer your question - people who have spent potentially thousands of dollars of equipment and many dozens of hours customizing rules and integrations into a Smarthome ecosystem are not going to switch ecosystems lightly. The idea that people are going to drop SmartThings for HomeKit en-masse simply because Apple makes it is folly.

I also back up @tslagle13 on his comment. The problem is not even that you don’t ship Smarthings out of the box - honestly, I couldn’t care less if you released native support, because Smartthings is an open ecosystem. The problem is that your API is CLOSED. If you had an Open API, the community would build the integration for you. Companies with closed APIs do not deserve my support, there are too many alternative options today in the market.

As to your question, the integrations should be obvious. The bell should be able to be used as a button/switch in smartthings. Ideally it should also be able to be used as a camera in smart things so that I can turn on the skybell camera based on a motion sensor or other factor.

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ditto, just now.
@SkyBellAndrew Any updates on intents?

Hey Guys, thanks of reaching out. We love the passion of early adopters and the open source community around home automation. The SkyBell Connect API program is in fact closed at the moment. SkyBell Connect is a robust set of API based triggers and actions that allows SkyBell HD to work with Nest, Comcast and Homekit. We’ll have more partners to announce in the future. Just like you, customers that aren’t on SmartThings (or open source) also want SkyBell to work with their systems.

We understand the passion for a video doorbell that works with an open source platform - and we are in favor of SkyBell being the eyes and ears of the open sourced smart home. Stay tuned.

Thanks for taking the time to write this feedback. I think you’ll be pretty pleased with the new SkyBell HD. You can buy it now, yet if you want!

Hey @sgnihttrams @Jason_Keirstead @Michael_D @JDRoberts @schettj @DarcRanger @tslagle13 @glennw133

SkyBell HD is now compatible on IFTTT, which allows you to cross over and connect with SmartThings.

Also, SkyBell HD is the only doorbell on IFTTT that can do BOTH Triggers AND Actions. You can get triggers from the button or motion sensor, AND, tell SkyBell to start recording video, change the LED light or turn Silent Mode on! We also have full color night vision and up to 1080p video!

The SkyBell HD is also back in stock at

Learn more about our IFTTT Channel:

Andrew, thanks. This is great news. I think we’d all still love to see direct integration with Smartthings. IFTTT has a well-known delay in the cloud processing.

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Understood. A direct integration is still a priority for us!

Can we trade in our meh skybell 2.0 stuff for an upgrade?

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