SmartThings SkyBell HD Integration Released

No, these integrations are unrelated and not competing with each other.


So, is Ring being worked on by either ST or Ring? I’d love to see that one out - I have a Ring. Me and eight other fellows (LoTR).


Yes, a SmartThings/Ring integration is being worked on.


Perfect! Then to wait, I will! (SW)

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@Tyler @SkyBellAndrew

Ever since I installed the ST / Skybell integration, my door bell stopped detecting motion alerts. I stood in front of my bell for over 5 min with no alert
Once I opened the doorbell device in ST, both the Skybell app and ST app detected me standing in front of my door

What I also noticed is that the bell is sending updates to ST with a picture every 10-15min. Could this be causing the severs to overload and not process the motion alerts?

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Holding out for Ring integration. That will hit the spot - if you throw down Lutron Smart Bridge Pro support too, I’ll be doing cartwheels.


We’re looking into it with the SmartThings team. We’ll let you know what we find out. Surely it’s just a code tweak or two.


Andrew, any updates ? I still miss notifications from my Skybell from time to time


We’ll have our standup tomorrow, so I’ll have more end of day.

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I am having the same issues as BatraD

Chris, can you give us more details?
We’re having a hard time duplicating this issue on our end.

Can you change things in the SkyBell app and will they take effect?
What happens if you disconnect the smart things integration?
Are you getting notifications in the SkyBell app?
Is it only the motion sensor that seems to be effected?

Smartthings seems to be reporting in the activity feed the indoor and outdoor chime is on and takes a photo. This fills my activity feed every 1-5 minutes constantly.

I do not get motion notifications via the skybell app every since I connected to smartthings. I do receive button press notifications via skybell app. Smartthings also logs the button press in the activity feed.

When I disconnect the skybell from smartthings notification on the skybell app resume as it should.

See a couple photos from the activity feed.

Chris, is Motion Detection turned on in the SkyBell app for each SkyBell Device? If this is set to Off, then you won’t get Motion notifications in SkyBell or in SmartThings.

Yes motion detection is turned on and set to low in the skybell app. I also have notifications turned on within the skybell app. I have no issues receiving notifications via the skybell app when I am disconnected from smartthings.

Update: I went into the skybell app and turned off motion then back on again. I Can now receive notifications on the skybell app while still connected to smartthings.

Smartthings still reports the following (see attached photo):

“Outdoor chime is on
Indoor chime is on
Followed by a photo”

This happens about every 1-5 minutes.

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How is the quality of the picture?

I got it installed in 10-15 minutes and integrated with Smartthings.

It seems to work fine, and get notices of every bell press in both the sky bell app and in smart things to the delight of every one.

Going to see if I can have it trigger on motion and record via ST modes…

I confirm the feed seeing a snap every 5 minutes and that text.

Finally, the picture looks pretty good to me. We have 45 mbps down and 11 up at the doorbell, and realtime stream isn’t quite as hot, but decent.

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