Smartthings Setup with Google Home

Beyond frustrated with trying to get my new Smartthings hub to properly work with Google Home speaker. I have both Google Home & Alexa. With Alexa, the process took 5 minutes with no hitches. With Google Home, I’m a couple hours in with nothing.

Per the instructions, I added the Smartthings skill within the Google Home app, assigned rooms to every object. Then, I made sure the skill was linked in the Smartthings app and enabled. When I ask Google Home to turn on or off any light, it always responds that it can’t do that.

In troubleshooting, I unlinked the skill in Google Home app and relinked. Then, I inadvertently uninstalled the Google integration within the Smartthings app only to learn that “cannot be undone.” WTF, why would uninstalling an app be an action that cannot be undone.

So, after searching these forums, I’m not finding my situation. I need help.

  1. How do I get the Google integration back reinstalled in the automation area of the Smartthings App on my phone?

  2. Any ideas as to why Google refuses to control my light bulbs (Cree connected bulbs)?

Thanks for the help.

Try unlinking & relinking SmartThings in Google Home again. The Google smart app should recreate itself in SmartThings. Then you can use the Google smart app in SmartThings to set-up which devices, etc. (if not all of them) that you wish to share.

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The error you are getting is different than what I was having, but throwing out my issue in case it help. I found that the account used to setup the GH has to be the one with ST attached to it. Is the Google account you are working with the one that was used to setup the GH as opposed to one you linked to it after it was setup?

Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying. My GH is setup using my @gmail address but my ST account is which is my primary email. You’re saying that’s a problem?

My main ST account is Hotmail (Outlook) and my Google Home is Gmail and mine is working.

I can’t see that being a problem unless it’s something new since I set mine up awhile ago.

I just re-read your initial post. I wonder if you opened the smart app in ST before you started assigning everything to rooms, etc. if that might help. I only share some of my devices with Google Home so I would have opened the smart app prior to setting up anything in the Google Home app.

No, what I meant was that GH allows to you link multiple Google accounts to it but it has to be the one you setup the GH with that has the ST account linked to it. The email address you used for ST doesn’t matter, it just matters that its linked to the Google account used to setup the GH. I don’t think this is your issue but just throwing it out there to rule it out.

Just read through the connection instructions again and even though it should have worked the first time around, I wonder if unlinking and relinking means you need to take the next step and wipe the app from ST. So unlink, wipe the app from ST, then start over. I know I have unlinked and relinked several times just fine but might be worth a shot.

"To properly disconnect SmartThings from the Google Assistant, you need to both unlink your SmartThings account from either the Google Assistant or Google Home app and delete the Google SmartApp in the SmartThings app.

Note: If only one of the above is completed, your Google device will no longer accept voice commands for SmartThings devices and cannot be reconnected until completely disconnected."