Google Home Integration

I need help. With the last Google home/smartthings update a few weeks ago, I forgot specify which devices to control using GH, so I duplicated all of my Hue lights. Everytime, I asked 2 turn on/off kitchen lights i kept hearing double the amount of lights, and I bothered me so much, I tried fixing it by unlinking the smartthings profile from my GH account, I did this to re link the accounts and only give control to my non Hue lights. I also realized that I could not control my Ecobee, so I thought unlink and relinking could fix the problem…

Here is where my new problem is, I unlinked my ST account, but ST is still showing as a linked account but only 5 devices are showing there, and I cannot seem to be able to add the rest of my devices. I uninstalled the google assitant app from smartthings, and nothing; now I cannot even added it back up… Can someone help me, plz?


I also did a master reset to the GH, and I now realize that my GH is duplicate on my Home app… i really messed this one up!!!

Unfortunately, this maddening “unlinked-but-not-really-unlinked” issue is currently a huge problem for many of us here…

It’s very frustrating, and it appears to be an issue on Google’s side. I have had an open support ticket with them for several days, but it’s going nowhere.

I wish I could offer a solution, but if it’s any consolation, you are not alone!

I guess it does help knowing it’s not me but google, but then I get mad that they know it’s a problem, and they haven’t fixed it!

FYI, the latest Google Home app update fixed the issues.