Google Home suddenly can't control anything

I’ve been using my Google home to control my Smartthings devices for a long time now. Recently I enabled the ability for G Home to recognize my voice and link to my accounts specifically. Use that for a little bit and it was being more trouble than I wanted as it often didn’t recognize me and would tell me it couldn’t do something with Harmony or Our Groceries or other linked services.

So I turned that off, which also evidently unlinked it from my Google account. Smartthings suddenly all stopped working - I would get “sorry I don’t how to do that or sorry I’m learning all the time but can’t do that yet.”

So I re-enabled that feature to identify me and linked my account back to Google Home. Unfortunately all Smartthings are still unable to work from Google home. I get the same “sorry I don’t how to do that yet” response when I ask it to turn on any lights. I removed and re-added my Smartthings account from Google home, removed and re-added all my devices from Google home. Nothing works. I also rebooted my Google home.

Everything does work from Google Assistant on my phone. So I know the connections are still there, and I know they can be controlled.


You probably have to link it to your smarthings hib and have to re-select the devices again

Thanks. As noted above, did that.

Unlinked, and re-linked to Smartthings in GH app. Also removed and re-added all my devices. (Twice.)

Totally stuck at this point.

Unlink in GH app, remove google assistant smart app from the ST app, then hold the mic button on your GH until it resets. Reinstall. This worked for me. Good luck!


Thanks, will try this today.

[quote=“David_Van, post:4, topic:87858”]
remove google assistant smart app from the ST app[/quote]

Wasn’t sure what you are referring to here…did you mean the “Google Home Helper” app? I don’t have a “Google Assistant” Smart app in the ST app on my phone.


You should have a smart app named “the Google assistant” show up in your ST smart app list after linking your Google assistant/google home to ST. This may be your smoking gun, contact google support and make sure your Google assistant/home is properly linked to ST. If you have an android phone that supports google assistant try using that to control St devices, if that works it points to a GH issue (tha before mention hard reset should fix), if it doesn’t it’s an issue between Google assistant and ST

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Thanks…I’ve never had a smartapp called “The Google Assistant” show up in ST app after linking to ST in Google Home…very odd. Even unlinked and re-linked yesterday and no GA app showed up in ST app. I’ve had ST linked to GH for months, long before GA showed up on my Samsung S7E recently, so maybe that’s why.

I have full control of my smartthings from my phone via GA, so no issues there.

I’ll unlink ST from GH and try the GH reset you mention above. Thanks again.

Ok, David, you get to take a gold star out of petty cash. :smile:

Unlinked ST from GH, reset GH, set it up, re-linked ST, and all is well again. I even have The Google Assistant Smartapp in the ST app as well.

Thanks, would have taken me a while to remember the reset option on GH, really appreciate your help.


Good to hear, happy to help :+1:

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