Reliability of SmartThings motion sensors?

I have about 4 SmartThings motions sensors and have had them for about a year. Suddenly 2 of them have started showing motions on errors, like several times a day (middle of the night, when we are gone, etc… The Two that are showing errors are in high tragic areas, front door and kitchen. I tried replacing the batteries even though they said they had 60% life. And I still get errors. Thinking of switching to the ecolink ones instead. Anyone else having issues or possible solutions? I like the SmartThings ones just upset half of the ines I have aren’t reliable…

That’s what I did…

I’m down to just 3 ST branded motion sensors. I’ve been replacing them with Iris motion sensors.

I still have ten of these sensors. Once in a while. The sensors will go crazy for a couple of days without reason. Usually a firmware upgrade is the worst. I am using them mostly for lighting.
Got them at full price too. I could have gotten a hundred Iris sensors for the same price :sob:

Just curious, what generation is your motion sensor? Thx


I’m not sure but all were bought in the last year.

I see. I think the original 1st Gen motion sensor is much better. It runs off of 2 AA battery.

I have 1 2015 model left, and 2 of the current model. Surprisingly, those last 3 are doing very well. I still prefer the Iris motion sensor, primarily due to the size and mounting options the case provides.

I saw some new $19 iris motion sensors at Lowe’s today. Has anyone tried those?

I’ve tried the iris garage door opener and it has worked great.

Also on my last trip I had two false alarms. One from a newer ST motion sensor and one from a new ecolink zwave one. I’m basically gonna have to turn off motion sensors for the alarms…
On a plus note, the ST water leak sensor saved me again today finding a new leak in my hot water heater within minutes of it happening!!

It’s much better than the ST sensor. Very reliable in my case.

I have not tried any of the newer generation model. I have one of the original hub and all my sensors are first gen. Funded way back in the days with Kickstarter. I’m actually looking for used 1st Gen motion sensors. No luck so far.

I still have one first gen sensor and it’s my favorite of all ST models because of the type of battery and USB plug and reliability. You have to have it close to the hub to pair it after reset.

Yup. 1st Gen motion sensor are pretty reliable in my opinion. I’ve only had less than a handful of times where the motion sensor went whacky on me in the last 4 years. I also like the AA batteries option since I use rechargeable AA and changing them are really simple.

Kinda hoping to find some online, but no luck so far for the 1st Gen motion sensor.