Smartthings camera not recongnized

I bought a new smartthings kit (router,camera and sensors) to add to my current setup and the camera is not connecting, i tried everything and the error is the same, the app told me to restore the camera and try again, any ideas?

The camera model is RC8335-US

What country are you in and what model hub?

Mexico and the hub model is ET-WV520

I have 3 hubs all wired by ethernet, everything is working fine, except that camera.

Is there any option to connect directly to the camera in order to perform a hard reset or

Did you get the SmartThings wifi kit through telcel? The camera may only work with the telcel kit.

Yes the last kit was a telcel one, :fearful:

Whats i can do? The telcel hub is not the principal i just use that one to extend the wifi signal thru my apartment, is there any solution to this?

Do you have a support ticket open?

Hi Brad

I called Samsung mexico two times and they told me that i need to go directly with Telcel, i went to telcel and they want all the kit including the hub and the sensors that are already installed, before i remove the sensors i want to see if theres something i can do

Also i know that telcel will send the kit to review with no relationship with my current setup.

Just for the record:

Register the camera using the QR code.

Good day.

Could you fix the problem with your camera, I have the same problem, I don’t have a telcel kit installed in my home, I have the standard kit, I bought the sensors and hub to created the smarthome monitoring. But I bought a camera from Samsung Store, but Im trying to add to my smarthome devices but is impossible to add and recognize the cam. See the error in the image

Is frustrating because in the Samsung store not mention any related a Data Plan in Telcel needed to works this cam.
Is another way to connect to my hub this cam.
I really appreciate your support on this.


Hola Héctor

Asumo que hablas español, nunca pude echar a andar Esa Camara parece que si o si tiene que estar activada por Telcel.

Al final compré las cámaras wyze en Amazon y aunque no están integradas al ecosistema SmartThings me gusto como quedo mi setup, tengo los sensores Samsung y si necesito ver algo entro por wyze

Siento no poder ayudarte


Gracias por tu respuesta, lo que es frustrante es que aunque no la pudiera integrarla con smarthings debería de poder ver la imagen con alguna app de Samsung, pero creo que eso tampoco se puede.