Smartthings camera not recongnized

I bought a new smartthings kit (router,camera and sensors) to add to my current setup and the camera is not connecting, i tried everything and the error is the same, the app told me to restore the camera and try again, any ideas?

The camera model is RC8335-US

What country are you in and what model hub?

Mexico and the hub model is ET-WV520

I have 3 hubs all wired by ethernet, everything is working fine, except that camera.

Is there any option to connect directly to the camera in order to perform a hard reset or

Did you get the SmartThings wifi kit through telcel? The camera may only work with the telcel kit.

Yes the last kit was a telcel one, :fearful:

Whats i can do? The telcel hub is not the principal i just use that one to extend the wifi signal thru my apartment, is there any solution to this?

Do you have a support ticket open?

Hi Brad

I called Samsung mexico two times and they told me that i need to go directly with Telcel, i went to telcel and they want all the kit including the hub and the sensors that are already installed, before i remove the sensors i want to see if theres something i can do

Also i know that telcel will send the kit to review with no relationship with my current setup.

Just for the record:

Register the camera using the QR code.

Good day.