Samsung SmartCam HD error and no streaming after Cam FW upgrade

Hello help please !!!

I have a SNH-P6410BN Samsung smart Cam HD in the UK with a ST hub V2 UK.
I recently upgraded the cam via its own dedicated SmarCam app to FW 1.07_151030 and since then I get not video stream from it and an error on the ST app saying " Unknown error. Please try again ErrorCode1".

How can I fix this please ???


I’m having the same issue here… hopefully it gets fixed with tomorrow’s update.

smatthings UK and US suport and product teams are on it and they have found the root cause. fix is comming ASAP they inform me. its a cam fw issue

Cool! thanks for the update…

@Spock doesn’t look like it’s been fixed with yesterday’s hub update…

@Hiato no they have not fixed it in any way, via a hub fw or other mens. They tell me they are working on it but i am geting two types of information about the tech route cause so at the moment i am not trusting anything and just waiting.

Same issue here, have logged it and apparently engineers are still working on a solution.

Hello all please try now. It shuld be working.

Thanks! It actually worked the first time i tried, however ever since, it keeps showing this error “unable to retrieve livestream URL”… I had this error with a D-Link camera too… Any thoughts what’s wrong here? Thanks!

try to remove the cam from ST then reset the cam to factory by pressing the pin hole button for 15 seconds on the cak of the cam and add the cam to ST again.
Also reduce your resolution to the minimum and try and also try to avoid using 1080p if u can but once the cam is stable use 720p
My Samsubg HD cam works fine since last night.

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With this camera why can I not control the sensors and smart things it doesn’t see my motion sensors or the audio sensor am I doing something wrong? Or should I say please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

It’s not available through ST however, you can still use these features using SmartCam app…

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the Samsung HD smart cam can be trigered via the ST sensors i.e. door or motion.
Go to “smart home monitor” then top right hand corner 3 dots click “configure” and e.g. at “Securty” after goin throu the 2 first screens of set up the last screen at the bottom says “camera”

play around a bit you will figure it out.

The cam cant be used a a motion or sound sensor or triger at the moment. ST have not gone that far in integration, persoanly speaking if a cam doese motion sensing of frame comparison basis then its usless as it trigers for no reason sometimes.