SmartThings (Samsung Connect) iOS 1.6.15 (September 13, 2018)

(jkp) #1

New update was released today.

(jkp) #2

LOL the dashboard now shows I have twice as many devices installed. That is not correct. :frowning:

(Jupiter1423) #3

I updated as well. I have not noticed anything new. I am looking for custom device handler support.

(Jimmy) #4

My Custom handler have been working. There should be more details on that at SDC in November.

Adding a device is automatically puts the hub in pairing mode.

If you manually add a zigbee 3.0 device, it now warns that the hub doesn’t support that. I assume it checks the firmware version on the hub and at some future firmware this will allow the QR code scan

(Jameson) #5

I’m intrigued by the “support for upgrades for users from the last generation of the hub”

(Jimmy) #6

Oh wow, totally Missed that

Location settings is now different. Maybe it will work now?

(Jameson) #7

We need someone to attempt to upgrade from v2 to v3!

(Jimmy) #8

I started the process to see if anything jumped out at me, but since I don’t have a V3 didn’t get very far.

(jkp) #9

Buy us a v3 hub and we will test for you :wink:

(Jameson) #10

I can’t imagine they came out with a migration tool without a major announcement, it’s only the most sought after feature on this platform.

(Jimmy) #11

they don’t announce anything anymore. SmartThings PR is non-existent.

(Greg) #12

Most of the current PR is just replying to Jimmy on twitter after he points out new features or asks questions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ron S) #13

Where’s the migration tool? I am on v2 and have a new v3.

(Jimmy) #14

He’s referring to the iOS update release notes

(Ron S) #15

Aah! I am on iOS but yet to receive the onboarding message. Missus already got one.

(Jeffrey) #16

shouldn’t that say “to” the latest version not from? See they are just messing with :disappointed_relieved:

(Jimmy) #17

Did the acceleration icon change?

(Jimmy) #18

Still doesn’t work. Randomly turns itself off. Turning back on creates a new mobile presence device.

(Ron S) #19

Same here.

(Jimmy) #20

They took away the select/unselect all from the activity history filter :angry: