SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

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Hi. I have an existing Samsung account (2 months ago), and when I use those credentials to log into the beta migration I receive an error “incorrect username or password.” But these same credentials work fine on my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and on I’ve carefully checked the credentials are correct.

I’ve created this Samsung account through the setup process of the Galaxy phone. What is the solution to my problem? Thanks.

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The beta site is neither Smartthings or Samsung. You’ll need to create a new Centercode login to get into the beta site.

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The beta site is neither Smartthings or Samsung. You’ll need to create a new Centercode login to get into the beta site.
I just made it simpler, by using the same login.

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I did the Account migration a while back but stayed with the Classic app. I just tried to log into the IDE to make a change, I am not able to log in using my old account, but when i log into it with my new Samsung account there is nothing, no devices, no hub, Nothing. I don’t want to log out of the app on my phone because i am worried i will not be able to log back in or that nothing will be there. Has anyone had this issue? I did a search but did not really find anything.

check to see if you have two locations in IDE at under My Locations

Only one location, with nothing.

in the Classic app, if you click on the More tab and go to My Account, it shows what email address you are logged in with. If you are using the same account to login to IDE and nothing is showing, I recommend you contact ST support at

on the app i am logged into the my old Smartthings account, I am afraid to log out and log back in with my samsung account in case nothing is there like on the IDE.

if you did the migration, there would no longer be a smartthings account. it would have migrated your hub/devices over to the samsung account and prompted you to logout of the app at that point.

I did go through the migration, and my old login no longer works but the app never changed, it is still showing my old account.

in My Account, does it show Change Samsung Password ?

yes, but I think the first time i clicked that the other day it gave me some message about being logged in improperly or something. but now it just takes me to the change password page.

best if you contact ST support and let them check into your case.

ok, thanks for your help.

New app seems to have updated to where it is forcing me to choose a room for my devices. Also wants to down load a new device handler. Anyone else see this?

Yup SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27

Account migration still does not work 2 years later.
Attempting to do this on my Android device results in an error message about the browser being incompatible.
F’ing pathetic.

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So here we are, summer of 2020 and the status of “The Great Switchover” or whatshamacallit, is still very much up in the air.

I’ve been reading up on this and recently had a couple of very candid, friendly and frank conversation with some of Samsung support engineers. It appears that there is still no final cut-over in sight and the migrations which are currently happening are those with simple deployments.

However, one takeaway from these conversations has me concerned, if not downright spooked. It would appear that the Samsung Connect app will eliminate the ability to have custom smartapps and DTH’s. As I rely heavily on the latter and @ady624’s WebCore, Alex’s ActionTiles, and the virtual device creator smartapp as well as a few others., This is an unsettling outlook, as it would essentially pull the rug out under everything I’ve built over the last 18 months.

I just need a straight answer; is this true? I think the entire ST community is entitled to an answer if our setups are living on borrowed time or what? I am not looking forward to drawing up contingency plans for moving to as I enjoy the simplicity of WebCore and Actiontiles, where I can just get things done, yet not bound by the vendors view on how I should be able to automate which devices.

Dunno about you guys, yet I’ve been too many years in the industry not to see the writing on the wall: Some product-marketing-bigwig jobs-wannabe comes along and wants to turn SmartThings into a closed, walled-off Apple’ish garden: Yeah; let’s dumb down the product so we can sell basic vanilla automation to the masses instead of it being a flexible solution with strong community support, which caters to everyone’s need and can talk with almost anything.

I’d be surprised to get any official word from Samsung as exactly what’s going to happen. Many vendors just clam up and hope the concerned people asking uncomfortable questions simply just go away on their own. However, since none of us are paying any subscription fees to SamSung it would serve everyone’s needs if they just come clean with what they’re planning, allowing us a runway to part ways, if necessary.

@Samsung - c’mon, let’s have the straight dope.

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You may want to post in the following thread :slight_smile:

Get ready to make the switch!

It would appear that the Samsung Connect app will eliminate the ability to have custom smartapps and DTH’s . … I just need a straight answer; is this true ?

Broadly, no, that’s not true. You can still have custom smartapps and DTHs.

As with almost everything though, it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Devices in the new app look different. Some abilities will transfer without issue, but some won’t.

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