SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(jkp) #298

in the Classic app, if you click on the More tab and go to My Account, it shows what email address you are logged in with. If you are using the same account to login to IDE and nothing is showing, I recommend you contact ST support at

(Brad) #299

on the app i am logged into the my old Smartthings account, I am afraid to log out and log back in with my samsung account in case nothing is there like on the IDE.

(jkp) #300

if you did the migration, there would no longer be a smartthings account. it would have migrated your hub/devices over to the samsung account and prompted you to logout of the app at that point.

(Brad) #301

I did go through the migration, and my old login no longer works but the app never changed, it is still showing my old account.

(jkp) #302

in My Account, does it show Change Samsung Password ?

(Brad) #303

yes, but I think the first time i clicked that the other day it gave me some message about being logged in improperly or something. but now it just takes me to the change password page.

(jkp) #304

best if you contact ST support and let them check into your case.

(Brad) #305

ok, thanks for your help.

(Gary Jensen) #306

New app seems to have updated to where it is forcing me to choose a room for my devices. Also wants to down load a new device handler. Anyone else see this?

(Jimmy) #307

Yup SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - Android 1.7.27-25, iOS 1.6.27