SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

So I’m going to ask the simple question for the majority of users and those concerned with the new “platform.” Will we lose all GitHub integrations eventually and be forced to host code ourselves? Do you plan to make all custom apps, DTH, etc obsolete in their current form?

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Wink pulled some crap similar in the past… It was a good starter platform. That’s where I started…

Generic ZWave would usually work enough to get by. THEN things started to change… I’m guessing $$$$$$$$$ greed…

Multiple times devices that were not “Certified” would stop working out of the blue… calls to tech got the response “Well it’s not certified sooooooo… maybe in time… but you can buy THIS DEVICE that’ll do what you want and IS certified”

I made my departure soon after… It seems I am one of MANY that did the same.

Hopefully ST realizes that alienating customers will lead to disaster… and simply open the door for a competitor to step up!

ST should consider ways to ENHANCE not take away!

Any idea when the accounts merge will be available for everyone and mainly when we will get control back of our Samsung TVs?


Just as soon as I get back my youtube app on my 2013 Samsung “Smart” TV. Terrible company.

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Well, connect is now smartthings and most my devices still don’t work in there. I reported the bug in centercode. Any other ideas to get it working?

I am in a similar boat and not sure what to do.

Half of my devices don’t even show up in connect and of the ones that do about half actually work.

The app is completely useless to me now

Can you clarify what devices do not show up or work? Just wondering how the migration will affect my setup.

It sounds like we are all about to migrate in some sense…

We’re delighted to announce that a new SmartThings app is coming.
The SmartThings app you’ve been using has been renamed “SmartThings Classic” in the app store.
For now you don’t need to do anything, please continue to use this app as usual.
We’ll notify you as soon as the new SmartThings app is ready to transition with next steps.

I wonder if using to new app requires you to migrate to a samsung account

The reviews concerning the automation (SmartThings) part of the new app are scary bad. The screen shots do not show much but show enough that I think my WAF is going to plummet. I hope they don’t deprecate the existing app anytime soon.

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yeah from what I have seen it just looks like the samsung connect app with “smartthings” logo slapped on it

If it makes you guys feel better, all my automations transferred over. Thought for sure they would be messed up, they’re there. Even core stuff.


Only about one tenth of my devices show as available (even though they are all listed) in the new ‘Smartthings’ app and half of these do not open etc. This is all extremely worrying tbh, on top of this my original Android app now takes about 10 tries to load up the device list (iOS is better). I understand that things need to move on and progress however I actually see all this as a complete step backwards unfortunately and I can see myself jumping ship soon.

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Same here, only 1/4 of my devices actually work. Basically anything with a custom device handler says “can not connect” when selected. On top of that it is also very slow and clunky to get around. I’m biting my tong for ever complaining about the “classic” app… I also have two hubs showing up now and one is “offline”

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The email communication clearly said to keep using the SmartThings Classic app until the new one is brought up to parity. Not sure why it is surprising to see things not working in the new app.


It is not just about the new app, it is the whole direction that Samsung is heading with ST. It just does not look good for us (compared to what we have now) even though that may be a way off yet. Only time will tell of course but there have not been lots of reassurances in comparison to the planned changes…

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It seems to me that Smartthings has had several years to approve a lot of these Custom DTHs from Github and make them official. Instead they have deprecated a lot of the available apps. What leads us to believe that now they will speed up the process so that everyone has a seamless transition? I use my Smartthings as a backup for my Security system, and while my situation is not as bad as some other users, I do have my Arlo cameras, Bosch motion sensors and Cree lights all working as I wish them to work, iI they do not work in the new system, I will be very pissed. I surely hope that they keep both apps available until each customer is completely working with their devices.


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Youtube apps on lots of older devices are no longer available. That’s been forced by Google, not the makers of the clients. Same for older Apple TV, Fetch TV etc.

I just hope the new change over from ST to Samsung Connect will be awesome! My dad has the samsung connect home and I feel that the connect home app fails in mayways, compared to the ST app. The ST app is almost 100% user friendly and the connect app is maybe 3% (that’s being nice) user friendly. Infact my dad just stopped using the wifi part on the connect b.c it was not giving him the speeds he can get with the google wifi. Also, I was trying to setup “scenes” or whatever you want to call them and could not get it to work right and gave us and started using IFTTT.

I have 2 devices in Samsung connect only…so no way I can use this until they merge my accounts if ever.

Hi guys. I see b ith apps have been updated but I thought everything was suppose to transfer from classic to the revamped connect app? I have the & password for.both accounts. I’m hoping I don’t have to disconnect all devices and repair them with the new app.

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