Smartthings - Refresh status of Hue Lights

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I was unable to find a resolution on the following topic:

After setting in the native Philips app hue light status (on/off/color), the status is not refreshed at the Smartthings app, unless manually done so (by “pulling down” the screen in order to refresh the bulbs one at a time). On the contrary, if a status is changed at the Smartthings app, it is immediately reflected in the native Philips Hue app.

I appreciate any suggestion how to ensure automatic and timely refresh, once a bulb status has been changed in the Philips Hue app that is reflected at ST as well. I have both the ST and Philips hubs.

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Hello Mr Hue, did you find any solution for this problem? I’m experiencing the same problem. And I want to solve it! I wouldn’t mind so much to manually refresh. But because I’m using an automation which depends on the on/off status of the hue lights this is causing the automation not to run while it should. (namely when the light is on in reality but it’s ST status says it’s off) The automation is for changing the colour temperature to match with the outside daylight… when I didn’t put the extra IF trigger to only run this automation when the light is on it would switch the light on unintended. Alternatively any other way to accomplish the color temp change is also welcome.

You could create a simple piston in WebCore to refresh the device on a set schedule such as every 30 or 60 seconds.

Hello Eveline!

Unfortunately I did not find a solutoion :frowning: Reading through your post though, if I understand correctly what you would like to achieve - Perhaps using the newly available (November/December) feature in ST for Weather would be suitable for you? If Weather/Temperature -> color change?

Let me know if my understanding and suggestion is correct. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this tip. I’ve installed WebCore now and I’ve looked at a few tutorials on youtube. This really seems the way to go with much more advanced options for automations. But when I try to make this seemingly ‘simple’ piston it seems a bit too complicated for me (I’m a novice). I tried finding an similar ‘example piston’ to start from, but without luck. Can anyone maybe point me in the right direction for an example piston or tutorial that helps making something similar. For instance I don’t see how I can make the piston run every x seconds or minutes, and where I need to ask for the refresh…

Hello Mr Hue, thanks for the suggestion. This could be something… What I’m trying to do is to make the color temperature of my lights change from warm to colder at midday and back to warm in the evening. So it’s not related to weather but more to time of day (but it’s an interesting idea to combine it with how much sunshine/daylight is available outside) . It could be a fixed schedule year-round of change with the seasons. For instance I wonder if it would be possible to set a time trigger that says: right in between sunrise and sunset.

Attached is a screenshot of a simple refresh piston.

Ok that’s it indeed. So I was looking in the wrong spot, needed to be in execute. Thanks!