Hue light / bulb status not updating


I have a Philips Hue Hub with several bulbs connected to it, all works fine. I wanted my bulbs to appear in SmartThings and thefore decided to connect my Hue account to SmartThings, I choose the option ¨Without Smartthings hub¨.

All my bulbs appear in SmartThings and all bulbs that are turned on are shown as turned on, however when I turn them on or off for example via the Hue app then the status is not updating in SmartThings.
What is the solution for this issue?

Assuming you have a ST hub, best way to integrate is to delete your current cloud integration and choose “with smartthings hub”. execution is instant and always shows correct state. Of course if you dont have a ST hub, this wont work.

It does work(ish) you have to manually refresh every bulb to get the right bulb state.

Wich is stupid. Because ST is able to get the state. Manually. So why doesn’t it update the state automatically.

Still looking for an answer.

What Joery says is correct, manually refreshing works fine, so why is it not able to do it automatically without the need of a ST hub?

Anyone from ST that wants to comment please?