Philips Hue slow reacting on state change

Hi, I am trying to built a webCoRE piston to automate light with motion control. The light is Philips Hue bulbs.
At first I thought webCoRE was the problem because it did not trigger on state changes (eg. on/off from the Philips Hue bulb).
I have tried to completely removed the Hue integration from SmartThings and readded it but no luck.

Eg. my test piston:

/* webCoRE Piston #1 */
/* Author : Stig /
Created : 6/27/2017, 9:06:34 AM /
Modified : 6/27/2017, 9:08:07 AM /
Build : 1 /
UI version : v0.2.0cb.20170626 */

Downstairs Back Entrance’s switch changes
Send notification “Changes” to Stig (Mobile/SMS);
end if;
end execute;

If I switch the light on from the Hue app on my Android phone nothing happens. Well, if I wait maybe 30 seconds it does. I have to go into SmartThings app, find the “Downstairs Back Entrance” thing and then ‘refresh’ it - then it shows up as On.

Any idea to make it run alot faster? Like my motion sensors - they react to state changes quite fast (1-2 seconds).

As you use the Hue App to turn on/off the light, ST has to rely on the poll cycle of the ST bridge device (i guess) to detect state changes, this can take a while, refresh will get new state immed. Looking at the bridge in the IDE it runs every 5 minutes a polling cycle.

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Oh that’s a big bummer then. Not much smart light automation I can do then :frowning:

There are faster, but custom, Hue integrations built by the community.

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I have tried Hue Advanced (Connect) - I like I get the groups with this one, but it is still way to slow for state change conditions.
Any other you can recommend?

The problem is in the Hue API itself, it does not allow for calling of endpoint in the case of events happening in the bridge. The fastest you can get is within the minute, but maybe others have found faster ways

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I was intriged by this…i have a number of Hue Taps myself and I always had a need to react in ST to the buttons of the Tap. I have created an App and a Device to connect to Hue Tap devices.
In “normal” mode of operation it will poll the Tap once a minute (this being the shortest runEvery…). But you can associate a motion sensor in ST with the Hue Tap device, now if you there is motion detected for that sensor it will boost detection for a short period of time on the associated Hue Tap. This way the reaction will be seconds.
One prereq for now is that the bridges have been detected by Super Lan Connect.

smartapp on
device on

or add verbem SmartThingsPublic Master in the IDE to your settings and update from repo…