Hue Lights - Smartthings app refresh

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I was unable to find a resolution on the following topic:
Hue light status (on/off/color) is not refreshing at the Smartthings app, unless manually done so (refreshing bulbs one-by-one). On the contrary, if the status is changed at the Smartthings app, it is immediately reflected in the native Philips Hue app.

I appreciate any suggestion how to ensure automatic and timely refresh, once a bulb status has been changed in the Philips Hue app that is reflected at ST.

Wish you all the best! Thanks!

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Which Hue integration are you using? The integration with hub or without?

Hello! I am using the integration with the Hub. Is that the way to go?

It is if you have a SmartThings hub. I don’t own any Hue devices, so hopefully someone using the same integration can comment on their experience.

I hope that other people here have dealt with the same strange behavior :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:.

Has anyone found how to deal with this? :slight_smile:
(I have both the Philips hub and the Smartthings hub.)