Refresh status between ST and native Hue app

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Has anyone faced the following situation:

After setting in the native Philips app a Hue light status (on/off/color), the status is not refreshed at the Smartthings app, unless manually done so (by “pulling down” the screen in order to refresh the bulbs one at a time). On the contrary, if a status is changed at the Smartthings app, it is immediately reflected in the native Philips Hue app.

I appreciate any suggestion how to ensure that once bulb status has been changed in the Philips Hue app, it is reflected at ST as well. I have both the ST and Philips hubs.Thank you!

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I am just guessing but it might be that the Hue app is directly accessing the Hue hub (or the device itself in the case of Bluetooth) while the SmartThings app always has to go via the cloud, then back to the ST hub then consult the Hue bridge about the status of its devices. Maybe it simply can’t be bothered to do it too often unless you insist by refreshing your screen.

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I assume that might be the case (although it is not connected via Bluetooth). Unfortunately that creates a problem, when a person wants to use a turned on bulb as a trigger for an automation - the ST will never recognize the changed status of a bulb, if this status has been changed via the Philips Hue app.

I hope someone has experienced the same challenge and there is a solution!

The status of hue bulbs connected to the Hue bridge which is linked to your SmartThings account is supposed to be updated about every five seconds. So it’s not instantaneous, but it should be quick enough for most automations.

If that is not happening, you should contact support.

Thank you for the answer JDRoberts. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen at all. Does it have to do with the way the light bulbs are connected with ST? Upon setting them up the choices are Philips Hue with or without the SmartTHings hub. Does have an affect on the refresh rate?


Did you set yours up as with or without? Mine is with. I find it usually fairly instant to update, but not always. I don’t think I’d want to rely on ST picking up triggers from the Hue system actually, although I am happy the other way around. I know ST can’t see what Hue sensors are sensing, for instance, so I have made a policy that I won’t use things connected to the Hue bridge as triggers to anything important.

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Hello Inge_Jones,

That helps greatly! Thanks! If you confirm that once you change the status in Philips Hue of a bulb, it is timely and automatically reflected in ST as well, then the issue is coming from my side (either the network or the way Hue is set up with ST) and it is not a software problem/incapability.

Right now, I turned on all three lights in the room I am in - like about 3 hours ago, all at once using one Hue control. SmartThings is only showing two of them on, even after all this time. So it does happen. Although most of the time it works as intended, I’d never use something happening in Hue as a trigger to something that I need to happen in SmartThings as it’s just not reliable enough.

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Wow—that is seriously not good. :disappointed_relieved:

Are you using the local integration or the cloud to cloud integration?

Groovy says Local. Lol just turned them on and off again via Hue, and Smartthings updated it display - with the same wrong advice :smiley: Obviously not keen on one of the three identical ceiling lights. Actually though I think something different is wrong - going into that light in ST app just says “connected” instead of the details I get with the other two lights

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I believe you, but technically that makes no sense. SmartThings should be querying Hue for the “heartbeat” log which keeps the status of all the devices connected to the Hue bridge. It doesn’t query the individual devices. :thinking:

I would report it to support.

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I edited my post just as you were replying. I am now thinking there might be something wrong with my app as one of my smartplugs is showing as offline, but it’s still possible to operate it via a physical ST button via a SmartLighting automation.

Also Groovy says it’s online

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Everything’s as it should be in Classic App and Groovy. Maybe New ST app had a dodgy update…?

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I think there is something going on On/Off button is missing from some of the virtual switches

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it looks then indeed something is going on. Great feedback guys! I will report it to support, if that helps.

It is a pity that I can not use Hue device status as trigger, if it has been set by the Philips app - naturally, the native app is much better user interface wise than the ST imo, for the purposes of connected lighting.