Smartthings outlet not resetting

I have the gen 2 square outlet and it isn’t working properly. My hub 2 recently broke and I replaced it with a hub 3. I reset all my devices and paired them successfully except the outlet.

When I plug the outlet in and hold the button, release as soon as led comes on, nothing happens. Led doesn’t flash.

It does transfer current, but pressing the button does not do anything (it is supposed to turn the attached device on and off isn’t it?).

Each time I remove and re-insert the outlet into the wall socket, it turns off and on alternately (i.e. if it’s off and I remove and re-insert to the wall it will then click on).

I really just want to use it as a repeater. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Broken button perhaps?

Shameless bump? :grin:

Have you tried excluding the device first, and then pairing?

My hub broke so can’t exclude the device. :confused:

You do not need the original paired hub to exclude. You can exclude from any hub.

Thanks but as it is a Smartthings outlet, it is ZigBee and therefore general exclusion from any hub is not applicable.

Nobody? :frowning:

:confused: I guess it’s the bin then.