Samsung smartthings outlet

Anyone have a Samsung SmartThings outlet that always displays on? I select off and it automatically goes back to displaying on but it is actually off.
It is functioning correctly powering on and off just displaying in SmartThings as always on.
Any ideas how to correct this?
I tried removing and reinstalling it and have tried going into ide and changing the device type to smart plug but still the same.

I also have the newer version iris smart plug and it works and displays correctly.

I would say this is most likely a communication problem. If this is a z-wave device I would recommend running a Z-wave repair. If it’s zigbee then unplug the hub, remove the batteries, and leave unpluged for about 15 minutes. This will force the zibgee devices to panic and look to rebuild their network.

Results from either activity can take a while to show results.

Thank you
Turns out it was interference from the remote monitors that monitored my attic vent fans (not smart devices or connected to SmartThings)
I have 2 of them
I plugged each fan into a seperate house electrical smart outlet for more control than solar.
Each fan has a remote monitor.
I accidentally had both monitors on the same channel which caused some wierd interference. Changed one fan monitor to the proper channel which was also on the same Samsung smart outlet that was not displaying correctly and then the Samsung smart outlet started displaying correctly.
Very strange
Perhaps the one fan was constantly searching for its monitor which was on the wrong channel which interfered and caused the smart plug to display incorrectly.

But thanks all working correctly now