SmartThings outage Sept 1, 2020

11:00 am US Central Time, North American account, Texas.

SmartThings app (new) is showing hub offline. Hub v2 had solid green light. Reboot via IDE worked, hub rebooted. Showed online in app for about 5 minutes, now offline again.

Status page just now popped up with an incident in the Americas.


I just nearly ripped my V3 out of the wall and trashed it until I saw the status email…40 minutes after having problems, which are still ongoing. These outages are getting to be much more common than I’d like.

For me, solid green light and hub just won’t respond by Alexa, Google, or app. Hub status switched to offline and IDE was unusably slow.


From what I’ve seen, the status page and related emails come at least an hour after problems start.

My hub now shows online in the app as do devices. Commands from the app don’t work. Alexa doesn’t work and complains about SmartThings not being reachable.

Manual switching of lights is reflected in the app instantly.


On the IDE page for the hub just now, I’m seeing that Z-wave state is “Not Detected”


I did have an issue with the Start Lighting SmartApp, but something I did finally fixed my problem so it’s fine now. Whew…

What did you do to fix It ?

I can’t get Alexa to control the Samsung devices It keep saying There is something wrong and to disable the skill and Reinstall It. It started last night and It is not working still . The devices shows in alexa offline, but on the app they work. Does Alexa needs to have the Samsung hub added or discover because I don’t see It in the list of devices. Even thou when It does discover It doesn’t find anything.

I first tried to toggle the Smart Lighting app off/on which has no effect. I then opened it and selected ‘Done’, but that didn’t do anything either. I then created another Smart Lighting Automation that mirrored one that wasn’t working, and the new one worked, but none of the others started working. So I deleted the new one I created, and then all of them started working again. Go figure…

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