SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

I am curious as to this too. I have connected garage door openers, but I also have external keypads and remotes for each. It’s all about redundancy. I’m not excusing Samsung, but it appears that you made a bad choice at some point in the past. Use it as a learning experience and harden your smart home accordingly.


I have a 3 car garage and no external keypads, but I can enter my garage from the house, and I can enter the house through the front door…

Normally I open my garage with Homelink in my car. But my car is in service so the only way I can open my garage is using SmartThings.

My front door and side door both have a Schlage/Kwickset lock. But I have an iron gate with a double-cylinder grade 1 lock that is currently locked…(the keys are inside my house). I can’t access my front/side door without getting pass the gate. So my only way in is through the garage.

I do have an external keypad but it lost pairing after I linked my new car with the opener. So I can’t get in.

The thing is I would have been able to get in normally…but I am in a loaner car so can’t use homelink.

I have two garages with battery backup (even the ST relay) is on battery backup. I would have been fine any other day…but I have a loaner car today. Never considered this situation in my redundancy planning.

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I find it funny that they reported the outage. Half an hour later, the customer service also went to an outage status. Been outage ever since lol. Screenshot_20180312-220935

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Poltergeist!! Lights came on, no control of them though.

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Your Schlage lock will work from the local keypad even if your entire home automation system is not working, so it doesn’t matter what device type handler you used, you should be fine on that.

As to whether this will happen again: history tells us that it will. SmartThings has an outage about once a month, and that’s not counting the planned outages when they do Hub updates. See the links upthread for the various reporting pages.

So if you intend to continue using it, you need to have a backup plan. See the following thread (this is a clickable link)

As for me personally, as I have reported in the forum before, Late in 2015 I made the decision to move all of my critical use cases off of smartthings and onto other systems because it just was not reliable enough for me. The other systems that I use have a much smaller choice of compatible devices and much simpler rule sets, but they also have an MFOP (maintenance free operating period) Of 6 to 12 months. And they run locally without any cloud dependencies except for voice control.

I continue to use SmartThings for some convenience case notifications, like a notification that rain is expected and the guestroom window has been left open and the guest is away from home, because it does those better than any comparable system in the same price range. And I keep hoping that they will improve things. But there continue to be outages of some sort every month, and usually every couple of weeks.

That may change once they have fully migrated to the new platform, I certainly hope that it does.

But no matter what home automation system you have, you should always make sure that you have a way to get in and out of your house even if both your power and Internet are out and your home automation hub has been destroyed. Even the best system isn’t perfect.


So glad I migrated my last important devices over to Hubitat this past weekend. The last remaining Zigbee moisture sensors happenened tonight and I couldn’t login to the ST IDE to delete them! Oh well, will save those for another day.

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Everybody misses something sometimes. It happens.

In your current situation, do you have a neighbor you can borrow a ladder from? Seriously. Because bypassing the gate sounds like a much less expensive Option then breaking the garage door.


Is this at all a regional issue? Or is this just scattered? I’m in the NYC area

Apparently the outage has caused my alarm system to trigger and I cant log in to silence the alarm. Luckily I’m the installer and I know what wire to unplug…Scared the bejeezus out of my wife and daughter. :rage:

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All of North America’s by the way it looks. Although some people aren’t having issues at the same time. Seems to rotate. Others been out the whole time.

What to do when Smartthings is down. Say f it and



So Samsung Smartthings and Samsung Connect are now one? I knew this was happening but what the hell… bad timing! I HATED and I absolutely mean HATED the connect app. If I have to deal with an entire new setup now when I’m used to the old Smartthings app I’m going to be really upset.

There are just far too many scenarios that I can think of where having only one point of entry into my house, reliant upon the internet no less, would be disastrous.


But coming from supporting a buisness where minutes mean fortunes […]

I’m guessing that this business is compensated well for the expected level of reliability. Fact is, I don’t pay SmartThings a monthly fee for their service. So I can only assume they’re a bit lacking in resources compared to many other businesses where things are time-critical. My guess is the grass is, in fact, not greener on the other side.

I’m frustrated too. But let’s not get overdramatic here.


I would have been able to a few months ago…but now I have a connected wall between the Casita and Front Door. So the only other option is to get passed this gate:

The locksmith even drilled through this lock…still won’t open.

I do have the key to the gate in the glovebox of my car…but my car is at the service center…I am so unlucky lol

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First rule of SmartThings:

It’s never just you. :wink:


you need a bobby pin and a shady friend


I’m in Indiana and only automation working here. Can’t open the dashboard or send Alexa commands. This really sucks…SMH

I’ll have to look into this Hubitat thing people keep talking about. Is it any good? Will all of my zigbee/zwave devices be compatible with it at some point?

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And maybe the original key to the lock. I still carry keys and a presence sensor… :roll_eyes:

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