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SmartThings Outage - Jan 27 2018


(Borristhecat) #1

Is anyone else having issues again with their app?

Motion Sensor not detecting motion or reporting false status
Alexa, smartthings isn't responding
Mobile app seems to be down
(Kevin) #2

Yup, seems to have some ‘backend’ issues :wink:

(Borristhecat) #3

Great news :+1:



Someone please give us local processing.

(Eddy) #5

same here, not like this


I was in the middle of creating a new DH and testing. :joy:

I’m going to retitle the topic so that it stays in line with all the other recent outage topics.

200w (10)

(William Crowder) #7

Certificate errors, that is scary…


IDE appears to be fine. Just Mobile App out for me right now.


Yay… at least I can still control my lights from Hue directly…


Hey, you missed a call. Go listen to your voicemail. I think it’s an outage announcement :rofl:

(Borristhecat) #11

I was creating a room and it started going crazy. Then sarted saying you have network issue and thought my line was down again :frowning:

(William Crowder) #12

I have alarms going off, No control…


Why you shouldn’t be using SmartThings for security. Especially sirens and alarms tied to SHM.

(Kai) #14

IDE not working for me… Was fine until the next action I took after the certificate expired - since then (and despite adding an exception to allow untrusted certificate), I can’t even log into it.
Guess I got my Sunday back :slight_smile:


US server here
App isn’t working
Automations (motion sensor turn on lights automatically) does not work
Pressing switches to trigger a light does work (my particular switches are no local control enabled)

(frank f) #16

Yep same problem here cannot login… Certificate expired for SSL too.

(Borristhecat) #17

I know! Theses outages are so inconsiderate, why can’t they tell us before the :poop: hits the fan :rofl:


Just hit the status page:


On shard na02-useast1.

Time: 4:20pm Pacific time

  • IDE was still working until 30 seconds ago. Now down.
  • Mobile app down.

Email received at 4:17pm Pacific time


How do you miss certificate renewal on production environment? :rofl: