Mobile app seems to be down

Problems now. Mobile app won’t connect at all, and had problems controlling lights with Alexa.

Same currently, @ 7:10 PM.

this is why just as soon as it hit midnight here in the uk it died


My whole house is going STUPID…

Uh oh looks like someone forgot to renew their cert. This is a fairly amateur mistake.


Same here, hub online (green light) but app can´t connect

This could have and should have been avoided. Come on smartthings/ samsung, get your act together. My whole house is now unresponsive!

Hopefully they just forgot to install the renewed cert and didn’t forget to renew it.

Man, for reals. Unacceptable for a company this large, with (assuming) so many checks and balances that a company this size absolutely needs to have to protect their consumers. Sheesh.

And it looks like they think everything is ok…

Just updated and emailed the outage.

Yup, just got it here too. Interested to see what they have to say. Lol

Way late. WAF factor low: lights and modes uncontrollable and she fell asleep while all lights were on. Locked out from controlling anything. Local processing seems awfully tempting right now…

Post in this thread folks:

Now reported in Status. no IDE, no phone app, no bananas, no tomatoes and no luck.

We just moved into a new house a few days ago. I convinced my wife to let me automate the majority of the house.

She is sitting on the far end of the couch giving me the evil eye as I’m typing this.

Thanks Samsung!!

This is not an uncommon problem, regardless of company size.

One of ActionTiles’s cloud providers (ahem, Google!) had an expired certificate last year for servers related to our Beta shard, and didn’t detect or fix it for several hours.

After the incident, they never acknowledged that that was the root cause, nor what procedures would be put in place to prevent recurrence.

The moral:

Never assume a company has “checks and balances” - they usually don’t.

It’s amazing that planes don’t constantly fall out of the air.

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I could forgive isolated hosting servers, but the cert expiring on the backbone of your entire solution bringing it down completely around the world? Heads roll for that kind of incompetence.


Lots and lots of companies have had major major outages that can be pinpointed to an individual; though more realistically, it is the responsibility of a manager of a particular department.

Having “heads roll” is very rare. You do realize that incompetence is rewarded in the USA, right? You need not look further than the White House.

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I’m gobsmacked.

They didn’t renew their certificate and the lights literally went out around the world.