SmartThings Outage - Jan 27 2018

Here’s the thing… I only knew cause a friend asked me. Honestly now I barely notice since hue was moved to local processing. Keeping things simple has helped…sure lots of limitations with using only smartlighting… but for the most part I didnt notice. Again I am a single man living alone…so my annoyance is much less than some lol.

Sorry guys. I was setting up Alexa…it worked once then it all went down. My bad…


Do I need to subscribe somewhere to get the outage emails?

I’m out here in North Carolina too.


I can’t even turn off the alarms and strobes, can’t control the lights. WebCore still seems to be working and thinks I’m not home… Time to look else where… Sorry…

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“SmartThings isn’t responding” is now the most spoken phrase in our house.



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No shit, that won’t be fixed tonight…

Yes at

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IDE not fine. graph-na02 is down.

My app is working again… and just logged into the IDE


not that late in the US who ever is needed to sort this needs to do it now what we suppose to do wait till monday :open_mouth:

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IDE is going in and out. I just tested and did an update 1 minute ago. Now it’s 500 error.

Outage listed as major outage North America and U.K.

All fixed
remember the date 24/06/19

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Listed in the Status Developer Tools - Major Outage, North America & U.K.

Glad yours is in and out, but graph-na02 is not working here. At all.

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Lol relax. Was just reporting behavior at the time. Go enjoy some beers until it comes back up. :slight_smile:

The ! email chain tonight… ‘who has a valid wildcard cert?’

I mean Im glad I’ve never done that sorta thing but I’ve seen it happen… Many calendar alerts for such a thing.


Looks like the ide is back up. Also lights just responded. App still broken.