SmartThings Outage - Feb 08 2018


My lights & switches are not working for the last 20-30 minutes.
Both Hue and non-hue lights are affected so it is not Hue issue obviously. I can control Hue lights and Sonoff switches directly but not through ST.

Sensors are still sending data and ST app shows them well.

Is there a generic problem affecting all or partial users ?


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Hi @mrmrmrmr,

Please enter a ticket with the Support ASAP.

Did you attempt to reboot your hub? This can be due in some way to a FW update.

the hub state is stable (solid green)
no updates.

Yep, same issue, it’s like all external hubs have lost link. In my case Hue, RM Bridge, Hive Heating and MQTT aren’t getting through.

external hubs and some LAN devices (Sonoff switches, Sonos players)
but some lan devices (my router DH for Netgear) is working.

Lol my hue bulbs are down. They work from the hue app but are unavailable on Smartthings

Not sure what is going on. I have had a smartapp running for over two years and now suddenly the following command fails

sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(“”“GET /?$egRestCommand HTTP/1.1\r\nHOST: $egHost\r\n\r\n”“”, physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN))

The last time this command workd was at 12:30PM EST today .Rebooted my hub made no difference

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Glad I came here to check, looks like a global issue.

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I have exactly the same issue. All hue lights, Sonos and other devices are unavailable. Motion sensors and multi sensors ie smartthings branded seem to be ok

Hub action is not working. It was intermittently out yesterday and (for me) out today. I did a full power-off reset yesterday and it recovered. I will try the full power off again and then submit a ticket.


actually not all "hubaction"
my DH for Netgear uses Hubaction and it works.

Thank goodness I checked here, I was running out of ideas. All my Samsung speakers stopped working, sending radio stations via WebCoRE didn’t work. Tried everything, now I’ll power down the hub for 20 minutes and send a ticket in.

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I moved most scheduling from ST to Eventghost (EG) to turn on/off switches and lights. EG also responds to most events from ST provided it receives them via Hubaction. Never been an issue until now :frowning:


Just herd from support

hmm so it looks we are experiencing an outage, just got word from our engineers. It looks like it’s affect LAN devices but you can keep an eye on updates for that here


Same issue here - No Hue and no Sonos… all show unavailable as of about 2 hours ago…

As of 2:20EST PM the hub command started working again.

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I think we should start rating outages on the basis of how many different threads get started about them.

Otherwise known as the “how to make JD’s head explode” rating scale.


My speakers are working again! As of the last minute.

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I just lost hub connection completely…