Smartthings lost connection to Philips Hue Bridge

Couple days before Christmas my internet connection stuttered and i had to reboot my router. After that Smartthings lost connection with Hue Bridge. I have no DH for Hue so I’m using what Smartthings uses as a default. Before that with Hue I had no trouble connecting it what so ever, but just before Christmas Hue stopped working with Smartthings.

By itself Hue works perfectly with no trouble, but it refuses to connect with Smartthings.

I managed to remove my ST Hub from IDE (before that I removed Hue things from mobile app).

After I re-added ST hub, smartthings first found Hue Bridge but because one of my Hue bulbs was turned off from the wall switch I had to rescan Things. Then I was not able to find Hue Bridge again.

For almost two weeks now I haven’t been able to find my Hue Bridge (and ligths).

Smartthingsin hub finds official Smartthings Motion sensor without any problems.

I have:

  • Used repair Z-wave network
  • Removed Hub several times from Ide
  • Countless times power cycled all of my devices
  • Factory resetted Hue Bridge several times
  • Factory resetted my router several times

Is the hue bridge somehow stored in my Smartthings hub in a ignore list or what can I do to get them back up and running?

I’m having the same issue. My problem started today. Woke up to every one of my Hue lights and my Hue Bridge reporting Unavailable in ST. Restarted my router as well as the ST hub but they’re all still offline. Going through my Hue app, they all report online and work fine, however.

I’m getting close to being done with Smartthings. This whole smart home thing has been something of a hobby but my experience with ST has been so frustrating. The system has so much potential but it is terribly broken and I certainly wouldn’t trust it with any kind of security.

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Major platform problems yesterday and today are making it pretty difficult to troubleshoot anything right now:

I think you’ll probably have to wait until that all settles down and then check and see if the Hue is still having problems.

As far as reliability/stability, that is not SmartThings’ strong suit. It is a very flexible, powerful low-cost platform, but they make changes all the time, and things can get a little rocky.

If stability is your top priority, you may want to look at other systems instead. Every system has pros and cons, and different ones will work for different people.

Just went thought this with an ST support rep

remove power plug and batteries from ST hub and power down hue hub
Wait two minutes
reinsert batteries into st hub and reinsert power cable
apply power to hue hub
go to st app or ide and wait several minutes while the system settles

All hue devices initially reported unavailable then were reenabled after a couple of minutes

All seems to be back to working at present

Mine won’t work. Been chatted with support and realized my ST hub hasn’t updated at all.

I bought Hub couple of months ago, so I’m fairly new with the system.

As you see, Hub is connected but have fairly old version and hasn’t any online since value.

There is a new problem today causing the same symptoms. It’s also been posted to the official status page.

My Hue Bridge has become unresponsive to ST. It started yesterday. Is there a problem with the update done to the ST Hub Yesterday?

Hey I had an issue about the sawm time frame, just got it going now (2018 AUG 02).

ISSUE: After long disconnection from internet Hue bridge showing as unavailable, no ST control of hue bulbs nor program control.

Root Cause: IP issued from router did not match the last known IP shown by the Hue Bridge in the ST app

Corrective action: Forced IP on Hue Bridge MAC address to last recorded IP of Hue Bridge in ST APP

Preventive action: Hard assigned IP to Hue MAC address

Hope this helps some frustrated person out there to not have to remove their Hue bridge and 20 lights and put it all back.

Have fun.

Thanks for the reply. After a lot of playing around I was able to get the hue bridge to work by changing the Zigbee channel. I used WiFi Explorer to check channel availability and apparently my new mesh router system decided to select a channel the put the Hue Zigbee channel within the WiFi channel’s side lobe. I fixed it by selecting a zigbee channel on one end of the spectrum and hard selecting a WiFi channel for my network on the other end. Now everything is working fine.

I appreciate your suggestion and will also apply a hardcoded IP for the bridge.

Thanks again,


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