Lights, switches aren't working

Anyone else having trouble with lights or switches controlling lights? All of mine are not working…various brands. The mobile app “thinks” it is turning the lights on/off, but it isn’t. My other sensors, locks appear ok. Strange. Everything was ok when I went to sleep last night.

I had a similar problem the other day, but was able to resolve it by power cycling the hub. Not sure if you’re having the same issue, but it’s worth a shot.

I’m down, too. Close to an hour since I woke up. Support says they might get back in a few days.
Have turned hub off/on a few times.

Tried leaving hub off longer- that worked. Thanks

I think I am seeing the same issue with my lights and switches. So If I have a switch that turns on a set of lights, the actual device (in this case the Hue Light) it still shows off. The light is on, but my routines wont shut it off unless I cycle the lights

There was a platform update yesterday no backup fact here but could be the cause. Best thing to do right now is reboot your hub and reboot your phone.

Update: almost everything is back working after I rebooted the Hub and my phone. My GE Link bulbs (2 of them) still won’t work. I’ve reset them repeatedly, but no dice. Something is still wrong, because Smartthings will say they are on or off, but neither is true.

Edit: Finally got both GE bulbs working again. I think one of them may be partially faulty, since I only got it working again by completely removing it from the system, relocating it as close to the hub as possible, and reinstalling.