Smartthings & Osram components for sale

After a migration to homeassistant and some friends already picking up the pieces I have the following still surplus which might be of use to someone:

1x Samsung Smartthings Hub v2 (in kit box)
2x Samsung Smartthings Presence Sensor (new in box)
1x Samsung Smartthings Multi Sensor (1 from kit box)

7x Osram Lightify Dimmer Switch (3 new in box, others in box)
1x Osram Lightify Gateway (box available)

open to offers

please PM if you are interested.

edit: removed sold items

Hey. Not in the UK so cannot buy, but I was curious about your homeassistant migration went? What made you switch? How’s it working for you? I’m always curious about the other options… Thanks

all in here just works

edit: well interestingly I cannot login into the ST app either … one of those days again I guess …