Recomendations Needed to change my current setup to one based on smartthings

Hi guys,

I hope you can help me.

Currently I have a smart configuration but I want to switch to Samsung Smart Hub because it is more open and more devices and sensors are enabled, but I would like a similar installation I installed.

let me try to explain

I have
3x simple wallswitch wireless with CR2032 3v baterry
2x duble wallswitch wireless with CR2032 3v baterry
they are connected to relays and they are installed before the lamp
the relays and the wallswitch are connected to a hub

the dimensions of the wallswitch is 80x 80x 19mm

Is there any Samsung Smart Hub compatible product to do the same things I already have installed?

Supported device list below, though it may be better to approach it from “what am I trying to automate”.

US supported device list
UK supported device list

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sorry but I already went to this page and could not get the answer.

Can you give me one or two examples to follow as a guideline?

Brand and model of your current devices?

Also, what country are you in? Device selection does vary from region to region.