How many SmartThings users are in the UK

Hi, I’m doing some market research and I’m trying to establish the number of SmartThings users based in the UK and the approximate number of SmartThings hubs sold in the UK.

Would it be fair to say that SmartThings is the most popular (by number of sales) home control platform in the UK? I’m not concerned about proprietary systems such as LightwaveRF.

If anyone can help with the above I would appreciate it.


I’ll share some general stats I have based on various observations, I estimate that 15% of SmartThings Customers are on the EU shard (UK and folks that purchase from the UK).


  • 70% USA
  • 12% UK
  • 5% Canada
  • 1.5% Norway

I wish I knew what the “grand total” is! (umm… besides 100%).

And… here’s some really disappointing numbers:

  • 95% male
  • 5% female

add me in “Taiwan”. Not sure if I am a only one


And the netherlands :smiley:


Me in Slovenia :smiley:

and just out of interest…

mitchell_lu66 - in Taiwan do you generally have a neutral conductor behind the light switch in the wall or only live unswitched & switched conductors?

PedroGense - the same question for you in the netherlands?

Jure_Jancigaj - and in Slovenia?


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one less here - decided to drop ST and use a different platform - got 98% of everything I used to do with ST and Core and different DTHs and stuff done in a weekend from scratch and more … local processing, fast responses and if it fails its my poor scripting but to be honest the system works just fine for me reviewing what I have achieved already over this weekend its the way forward for me … no one else but me breaks the system, easy full backup and development for new device supports seems to be fast … strong community as well …

will put the remaining items up for sale once I have completed the migration 100% - though thinking about it I could actually integrate zigbee as well … will see so far everything works as expected and majority of it is z-wave based or via additional plugins …

You’re “allowed” to mention the platform, as long as you’re not aggressively marketing it.

Frankly, I’d say it is good etiquette and helpful to other Community members not to tease us with a solution and not sure the details. :wink:

fair enough - I have migrated to Home Assistant (

integrated so far:
Z-wave Sockets for different consumption based automation and state monitoring
Z-Wave Motion Sensors (fully automated lights)
Hue Lights ( loads of lights around the house )
Hue Dimmer Switches ( to override some scenes )
Osram Hub, Lights, Switches
Ikea TRÅDFRI - more for testing
Alarm Siren (works on different sensors)
Presence sensors via Wifi (ddwrt) / Bluetooth / location
Weather forecast
MQTT bus for linking different channels (initially had ST bound via MQTT)
Samsung Audio Speakers
Heat monitoring/steering
Different open/close sensors
Pi-hole integration (see how much ads were blocked)
different Cameras - working - ST couldnt even get my Smartcam Pro to work since I bought it roughly 8 weeks ago)
remote access
Google ChromeCast
Plex integration
Apple TV
Uplink speedcheck
Google Text2Speech
QNAP monitoring
Samsung TV (failed, unsupported line unfortunately - but same for ST)
TV Streams via VLC
notifications to iPhone
loads of automation

door lock
home appliances

just so you know what I actually did this weekend :slight_smile:

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Good stuff.

Since this Topic is about user count; I wonder what the numbers are. My guess is SmartThings is > 500,000 total customers; and Home Assistant < 20,000.

(It’s Apache 2.0. Nothing to stop SmartThings or 3rd party developers from “stealing” some good ideas from Home Assistant.)

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So i dont have a neutral wire in my switch box but i have a wire box above the switch where the neutral is present.

You are not the only one in Taiwan

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