Smart Lighting rule changed itself

In a new house we bought, I added a SmartThings hub and a GE light switch to control the light over our entryway. I want to add more, but this was just to get started and solve a lighting flaw with the house.

For the entryway light, I used the Smart Lighting SmartApp with two “rules”:
— Turn on at Sunrise + 15min
— Turn off at Sunset

For many weeks, the rules were firing correctly. Then, about a week ago, I noticed the front light had been left on for several days. I just checked and the rule to turn off at Sunset now says “Turn on” at “Presence” trigger. I definitely didn’t alter the rule, and as proof, it was working correctly before…

The only thing that has happened between when the rules were working and now is that the Hub has received an update or two. Is this normal behavior for SmartThings rules to break like this?

I have not seen this happen to any of my rules, so I would say no. Does anyone else have access to the ST app in the family? Is it possible that someone else changed it?

Nope! It’s just my wife and I, and she doesn’t have the app nor any interest :slight_smile: I think this is the second time it has broken. I just deleted the rule and created it again.

I’m unsure if this is related, but if I go to Notifications and the Activity Feed, I see that each rule is seemingly firing multiple times — or, otherwise, for some reason causing several entries. Tonight, for example, the rule to turn the lights on after sunset is listed 5 times. Yesterday, it is listed 16 times. Each entry says the exact same thing and is taking place at the same time (timestamp is in minutes, so I can’t be sure if it’s literally the same time).