Light switch automation problem

I’ve had everything working fine for months with smartthings and Philips hue bulbs using the standard smart lighting smartapp. I have separate lighting automations for turning on (Motion based) and turning off (motion stopping plus x minutes).

But some of the lights are not turning off! I’ve checked batteries and looked in the logs and it all looks as it should.

Any ideas?! Its happening purely with standard smartthings stuff. I have fibraro motion sensors and its happening with one of them too.

I’d take the battery status is ST with a pinch of salt. Have you tried replacing batteries in one or two and seeing if that’s resolved it?

Sometimes (especially Fibaro in my experience though more likely a comms issue with zwave) sensors get ‘stuck’ in a particular state, which would cause this. ST gear does seem more reliable though and haven’t had this issue with them.

Might be a case of rebooting the hub too just to see if that clears it.

Are the devices reporting motion correctly? I have had issues with some sensors being stuck on “on”. Battery pull fixes them. Are the Hues status being reported as ON in Smartthings?

With separate rules you may have some overlap, that is causing the off not to trigger. Example could be a rule to turn on light on motion start and leave on at least 5 minutes. If motion stops happen during the 5 minutes the triggered event may have been blocked. What are you using for the automations? SmartLighting supports this as a single rule.

Do some of the lights turn off, but 1 says on. For example if you have a motion turn on 6 lights, and only 5 turn off. Then that is a Mesh issue, and should rebuild it. I think the HUE app you can do that.

Thanks guys that gives me some stuff to try out.