SmartThings open close sensor error

Every night for the past week our SmartThings (door open/close) sensor has given a false alarm in the middle of the night. Last night I removed it through my app so I could get a full night sleep. Today I replaced the battery wondering if that was it. When I install the battery it goes green for a second but that’s it. Holding the button down for five seconds (or more) does nothing. Opening and closing the door doesn’t make it light up either. Any suggestions? My system can’t find it to pair again.


I can’t remember but don’t you have to start with the battery out, press the white button, then insert the battery? if I find the online manual I’ll add it here for reference. My memory could be faulty. I’m getting old.

It’s been a while since I installed them. I don’t remember that though. I’ll try it HHa

You got it!!! I want to hug you! This was driving me nuts

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For anyone who wants to read the Samsung link. Until they 404 it.

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Get the Xiaomi aqara ones , far more reliable imo.