SmartThings Multi-purpose Sensors not working

I’m hoping someone has some insight for me. Because support did not.

I bought 3 SmartThings Multi-purpose Sensors from Amazon for about $18/piece. All of them worked perfectly to start.

However, only 1 is still functional. The other 2, which I had on my garage doors, are not working at all.

I tried changing the batteries, following instructions for resetting, etc. But nothing has worked. The lights do not go on at all.

Did I receive bad devices that died already? I find it odd that it happened to 2 of them. But anything’s possible I guess.

Anyone else have issues like this?

Thanks in advance.

I had this issue and I just kept hitting the reset button. They eventually fired back into life

Interesting. I’ll give it another try… Most of what I read instructed to hold the reset button… I’ll try to keep hitting it instead. Thanks for the reply.

I just did a mix of short and long presses as well as remove and replaced battery a few times

Hey mate, did you have any luck? I had problems with my garage multi sensors as well and found out it’s because they were connecting to some old osram bulbs that were working as repeaters but don’t work well as repeaters…if that makes sense. I disconnected those globes to make it connect to the ikea one instead which apparently make good zigbee repeaters. If you go to the sensor device through the handler website and check what it’s “next hop” is. It took me a little bit of troubleshooting to work this out so if I can help someone else out…I hope that makes sense…

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Thanks for the responses guys… I was able to revive them. One of them responded to Neil’s suggestion. I pulled the battery and mixed up long presses and short presses on the reset button. It finally came back to life.

For the other, I think I may have had a bad battery. I had put a new battery initially… But tried replacing it again for ha-has and it actually worked…

Very weird issue… But looks like I’m good again!

Thanks again.

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How many repeating zigbee devices are there in your network?

Reliability of the sensors will be much better with a strong mesh network for either/both zwave or zigbee devices.