Door sensor no longer working since last update

since the last update, I have had no end of issues with my smartthings devices.

Today is the turn of the door sensor on the front door. It stopped reporting being opened and closed since the last update. Temperature still being reported though. battery was showing as 55%

So I tried deleting it and re-adding. I successfully deleted, but cannot add as a new device.

Ive removed the battery held down the white button to reset and inserted the battery. The LED lit up Orange so I let go of the button. Now it flashes blue but the hub is still n “looking for devices” mode.

I am getting so frustrated with Smartthings. I could understand if it was a 3rd party device, but this is a Samsung product.

And in addition, Im still getting lots of false positives with the Samsung Smartthings motion sensor. Since the update I am getting a lot of “detected motion” when there was no motion. Either that or a ghost.

Whats my next step?

I had this issue too (or at least the exact same symptoms) The good news if your issue is the same as mine it’s easy to fix and your sensors will return to normal.

You need to do a rebuild of your zigbee network (smartthings own multi sensors are zigbee devices).

Unplug your hub and remove the batteries and wait 20 min and you should be able to add devices again and those already on the network should be fully functional.

Good luck!

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As I hadn’t seen anyone else report problems I just thought mine were a one off, but

Both my front and back door sensors stopped reporting open/closed. They reported temp and battery ok. I managed to take the batteries out and with combinations of button presses got them working again.

The front door is reasonably stable but on the back door its a case of hit or miss whether it works or not. Really annoying but also it controls the light on the steps into the garden, a real nightmare.

The motion sensor in the shed has been activating quite regularly (its only meant to come on sunset/sunrise when the door is opened) but I regularly see all the lights on with no movement.

Again all Samsung devices.

Oops, cross post.

I had tried rebuilding the ZigBee Network but will try again as I only shut the hub down for a few minutes.

It takes 20 min for zigbee devices to go into what’s called ‘panic mode’ when they will stop trying to talk to their assigned neighbour and start looking for a new peer.

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Thanks very much.

Looks like there is another topic similar to this

“Major issue with device connectivity (Zwave and Zigbee) past few days”

Might be worth monitoring that one for any help.

Heh… Ive had the same problem with my contact sensor. I thought it was just me!

I put it down to my battery being flat but not being notified about it. Luckily I swapped them out and it seemed to start working again.

Worryingly though, looking in the activity - it seems to be reporting active and inactive states every minute.

Anyone know how to stop that? I’m worried that it’ll cause my battery to drain faster than it should.


I have the same issue, happened after the 16.9 update, I have a post in that section of the forum, other users seeing the same.

I have a ticket logged with support, still at the simple diagnostic stage with them like swapping batteries, don’t thing will resolve but have to jump through hoops before it gets more technical.

I can give you my ticket number if you wish to escalate to support , then they can start linking the issue. I did the same with another member

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after a few goes, with different coloured lights when trying to add, I followed the suggestions above by resetting the hub. Eventually it worked.

I also noticed that you had to update the “Notify me When” smartapp to alert me when “contact opens” on the door. I did wonder whether that was all I needed to do because temperature & battery life reporting working correctly, but it wasnt showing when the door was “open” or “closed” when I looked at the sensor under “things” - it was just showing CLOSED.

So after 90 minutes of faffing, it is now working as intended. Now I have to go back to see why the port light is coming on at sunset - should only come on when my wife’s iphone arrives at home. Had to delete the rule for her iphone arrives at home. but thats a different rant!

It is so frustrating when a new deployment breaks everything & you have to re-set everything again…


Certainly - if you want me to give your ticket number, I’ll try and contact them and raise that the same thing is happening to me.

My personal opinion… After reading this forum for over a year… Send all if the ST and Samsung branded devices back for a refund…

Then go to Lowe’s and by the iris devices (2nd gen)… Or some other brand…

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Love to. Unfortunately not an option for us living here in the UK.

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The ticket no is 292523.

I have the opposite effect of you in that it no longer updates status.

Repairing works for a while and it happens again.

However it definitely started after the 16.9 update, and only my Samsung things are affected third party integrations including sensors still work as before. The update was specifically for multi sensors and motion


I have had all the problems talked about here to include presence sensor constantly changing from arrive / departure when setting on counter 15 ft from the hub. I have also had one z wave GE light switch not being controlled. This update was a failure. ST was great until Samsung bought them. I am looking to switch hubs but I have 83 devices and it is no small matter to change. Part of the solution is to go to every site that sells ST and blast them. That will get someones attention.

I have submitted several support request that go mostly ignored. That last one suggested I reboot or pull the batteries, DA! kinda like calling desktop support and the first thing is “reboot”. No kidding.

I can’t help but wonder are these problems system wide or did just a group of us get corrupted updates? I have asked them to do a reload and have no reply on that.

Oh well, next stop, user comments on sales pages.