Reliability Issues


(Mike Barton) #1

Over the weekend I thought I would add the Z-wave controller to me Yale Keyless Lock and while doing it I noticed that the Door Sensor hadnt updated since earlier in the day, and the motion sensor had stopped working. I pulled the batteries out of both and put a new battery in the motion sensor but still no sign of life.
I have removed the motion sensor and tried to re-add it and its not detected so not sure if the sensor is dead as I have tried a couple of batteries and no response.
The Door sensor is reading as open despite the fact I have removed the battery and unplugged the hub for 15 minutes and powered back up it still shows as being active and in the open state.
At this point I am in 2 minds about smartthings as its just not robust enough to do the important things reliably enough.

Any ideas on the sensors would be appreciated

(Aaron S) #2

If you haven’t already, shoot an email over to Our good looking team across the pond can help walk you through all of the issues.

(Moffy1000) #3

Hi Mike i had this issue last week was told of support too unplug the Hub for 30 minutes which worked and then re added the sensors .

(Mike Barton) #4

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried your suggestion and it hasn’t cleared the issue.

I may have to go through the whole issue if removing it and re-adding it which is not something I wanted to have to do

(Jon) #5

@mykey38 I had a motion sensor DOA. I contacted support and they did replace it. Be aware though that it will involve you uploading videos to Youtube to demonstrate it is dead.

(Mike Barton) #6

OK so I re added the open close sensor which has worked perfectly until this afternoon and now it shows stuck on closed.

I am pretty much done with smartthings as I simply cannot trust it.

(Aaron S) #7

Can you try toggling insecure rejoin your settings?

(Mike Barton) #8

Did that and it all connects toggle back and things just hang in whatever state there were in when it decides to.

It surely shouldn’t be so buggy and horrible.