SmartThings on Samsung door lock SHP-A30

I’ve purchased a door lock SHP-A30 from Australia and shipped it to Canada, I saw that supports SmartThings, so I was hoping to control through SmartThings. Unfortunately, I found it after installation that I will have first register the lock through App called Samsung smart lock, I managed to download it through Australia App Store. When I opened the app it doesn’t detect the lock on the devices list) I tried to use VPN still not showing any thing.
I am using iPhone

Anyone Can Help on this

Here is the lock:

I’m having the exact same issues.

Smartthings doesn’t seem offer the ability to add the doorlock.

What’s going on?

Some of the Lock models are limited to specific regions. So you may not be able to buy it in one country and then install it in another. :thinking:

If you open the smartthings app, choose add a device, choose by device type, select door locks, does it show Samsung there? And if so, which models?

At one point, the smartthings lock guest access feature was only available for US accounts. I don’t know if that’s still true.


As far as I know, that model is only supported in the US and Australia. It does have to be registered through the other app first as it’s a cloud-to-cloud connection with SmartThings where you enter your
Samsung Smart Doorlock app credentials to link to SmartThings.

Which catalog you see is dependent on the region your Samsung account is registered.

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I might help you if you tell me what phone do you have?

@Amir_Edward have you found any fix to your original issue ? I am having the same issue, I bought the Samsung SHP A30EN in Australia and trying to use it in Morocco but unfortunately the lock isn’t visible in the app :frowning: which make it useless for me.

I am using an iPhone for the app.