Smart Lock Guest Access in Canada

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to remotely add guest codes for connected locks in Canada? Samsung’s support center told me that the Smart Lock Guest Access automation is not available here.

It doesn’t appear under (+) Add SmartApp. It is not just grayed out… it is not there at all.

Also, the add automation process appears to be completely different from what appears on the Smartthings support pages. If I select Add automation it goes into an “If” condition-activation setup.

I’m using SmartThings version 1.7.40-21. Any ideas?

@maddie @RBoy this can probably be handled with your Lock User Management app, right?

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Hi Josh, yes, that’s correct. LUM works across the world on all SmartThings hubs and can handle user / lock programming and actions related functions.

Is Samsung no longer providing Smart Lock Guess Access?

Late last year I had a perfectly working set-up of SmartThings Classic + Schalge Connect Z-Wave just stop creating guest codes with Smart Locks. The error spat up was something to do with a user code already existing.

A few posts talked about device handler compatability. Others talked about some update hiatus between SmartThings Class and the new SmartThings. Then delays.

Now it seems Smart Lock Guess Access is no longer available , and a majority of posts are pointing to RBoy’s paid-access code: an enhanced Z Wave device handler, and this LUM mentioned above.

I’m sure the $40 to access Rboy’s code has overall value in utility… I’ve just got this bad feeling that further investment in SmartThings is not a good idea if Samsung can’t provide generic out-of-the-box support for something as widely needed as guest access codes for smart locks.

Are you on classic or the new app?

I have both apps installed, and the classic app worked fine up until late 2019.

When Smart Locks app started to throw up up the error “user code already exists” error (which other people have been reporting)… I ended up removing it in case a re-install fixed it.

But maybe I can just ask the simple question: has the Smart Lock app been discontinued? And is the only choice now the paid-for Rboy’s app and drivers?

If the answers are “yes” and “yes”… well at least I know where SmartThings is going as a hub provider.

If the answer is “no” and “no” then I have some kind of SW (maybe HW) issue I suppose. But I honestly don’t know how your average low-tech family could ever get this running if I am struggling.

It souds like there are other issus going on. Have you called support or opened a ticket with

No its not just me. Lots of posts on different forums about the Smart Lock app being missing/broken/incompatible for features such as remote creation/deletion of access codes.

Don’t believe me? Google “smartthings missing smart locks app” :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m going to assume the answer is “yes” the Smart Lock app has been discontinued, and “yes” the only only choice is third-party paid-for app from Rboy.

It’s fine. I got 2 years out of it and I don’t have any deep investment with Smartthings other than 2 locks. Time to research the home automation vendors again and out-of-the-box support for what I would regard as basic smartlock features is a good test point.

Believe me, @Rboy’s work worth the money. If you are running AirBnB and using smart locks, his apps are absolutely unique on the market.

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This is incorrect. We have a lock code manager app. I don’t know the specifics of your account or situation, hence asking for more information.

Hi @jody.albritton …Yes you do and for some reason it is only available if your Samsung Account has you listed in the US…which makes absolutely no sense at all. I don’t happen to live in Canada anymore so I had Samsung switch my account to the US. Immediately after receiving the email confirmation that my account had been switched to the US, I signed back in to my ST app and the Guest Access app was there.

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