Smart Things Support for Zigbang Devices (Wifi Smart Locks)

Hello All,

I am excited to have found an active community of enthusiastic Smart Things users. It is great to development on all of these integrations. I purchased a Samsung Smart lock before moving into a new home. I didn’t realize at the time that this could be a region locked device or that the SDS business would be sold to Zigbang.

I have been researching and testing a lock that is usually sold in China or Singapore. It is a Samsung SHP-DR719 (Which seems to have been rebranded as the Zigbang R-80).

There seems to be some region lockout issues with using the Smart Phone app. I have been able to add the device to my network using WPS and I can see it is connected. But when trying to use the official app I am told it is not supported in the US. I have read that this could be something like I need to register the mobile number in China or something odd like that.

There is an option to add the Zigbang Smart Wifi Lock as a supported partner from the Smart Things app.

However the redirect to doesn’t accept my credentials that I created for the app itself. And it actually tells you that the the account is deregistered when this is done. I am wondering if there is enough of an interface to perhaps build and push my own device profile and be able to utilize the smart functions of the lock. It does all seem to be based on open sourced software so I am thinking there may be a way forward with the API/Custom profile.

So I had been losing hope that it would never work but I am thinking I may be able to gain access to it with a. device profile. But so far I haven’t been able to properly add it to my hub.

I am just now getting started with the Smart things CLI and trying to explore any options. I know there are some custom drivers available, I have been trying that out as well, but I figured I would start a topic as I couldn’t find too may users who used a similar lock.

I found an old thread related to a different model but it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Thanks for reading and any input is appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: Here is a link to the current Zigbang branded device

And here is the official partner page which still lists the United States as a partner:

I have the exact same model bought from China and I have the exact same problem as you do. So far I tried a few things including installing a Chinese version of the Samsung Smart Doorlock app, registering with a Chinese cellphone, using a China VPN and a mock GPS located in China. However, none of them worked. The Chinese version of Smart Doorlock app won’t display any model if it somehow detects that you are located in USA. Very frustrating… I don’t know why they try so hard to region block a physical smart lock…

With locks, it’s often a matter of particular encryption routines being blocked in particular regions. Not sure if that’s what’s going on in this case, though. It can also be an issue a particular Patents or even just distribution agreements. :man_shrugging:t2:


I am sorry you are also having this issue. I had also read about trying out to register in another location, different phone, etc. None of that worked for me. I am curious to know if you succeeded in getting the device to connect to your WiFi via WPS.

I have gotten this working and I can see the device. I was hoping that I could somehow use SmartThings command line tools to discover the device as opposed to trying to pair it to my Station with the App. I haven’t actually tried that but I don’t think it would work.

After reviewing a bunch of other documents and catalogs I can see that this model (the 719) should be able to take a different module besides the wifi. I found some product docs for it that refer to it as a “wireless module” and there is a bit about “resetting a remote control”. I am not sure if that refers to like an RFID remote or a different wireless module.

As far as using the official App for the lock, I don’t think I can get that to work or rather, it makes me uncomfortable to have the device in Zigbang’s Cloud as well.

I had sort of left this issue alone for a long time as it was a challenge for me to get the lock installed to begin with. Now that I have it *I have the large mortise type), I can see that maybe I need to change the model if I ever hope to get it to work on a “smart system.”

The Smart Things station I am using doesn’t support z-wave. It is the newer one. Those models that show up in the screen for Zigbang, are only available on ebay, Ali express etc. So I am not too interested in pursuing those.

I do see that some people have gotten the dp609 working but all of the links I found, which were for the z-wave module, were old or for ended ebay listings.

But I am not giving up home just yet. Now that I see this DR719 can connect to other remotes, I can abandon the wifi smart app and try to get something else figured out.

One other thing I am going to try is to activate the remote control for a different Samsung Smart lock that I have. Maybe I will learn something about the possibility of changing the module.

Also this IoT pack mentioned here:

Appears to be the same one I am seeing for the DP609, which some people have gotten to work. But it doesn’t show as a z-wave module so I am just guessing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the DP-609s sold on Ebay have been modified in some way to work with the z-wave chip. I do see some of the older (728) models still being sold. I have a feeling even though those are shown as bluetooth, they may have a z-wave module.

I will keep at it. Some othere ideas I had were to utilize other parts and a transmitter etc.

I see this seller has some interlocking modules and receievers/transmistters. But I have no experience in setting up or soldering that kind of thing if required. I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

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So I think I would like to try and achieve this.

This is a Korean Blog you will need to use translate to read it. The user uses the interlocker and the transmitter to link a Virtual device to the real one. I am not totally clear on that part but all of these items are available in the US in ebay.

Will keep digging into it.


I think, if I understand this setup correctly, they are using the “Smart Relay” there to trigger power to the SHS-ART120, which send the signal to the SHS-ADT400 and can open the door.

I am weak on knowledge of the relays but , from the photo it looks similar to this:

The reviews seem to state this one is not compatible with smart things so i would have to look into that. I think, if I can add the Zigbee smart relay to the Smart Things station, and have the interlocker paired to the door, I can at least view status and unlock remotely. May not get 1 time codes etc because no z-wave.

Going to explore this a bit more and update.


I have here one SHP-P72 with these Module. Can anyone help me to make these work?? im losing hope…

Here is one picture of the module and im stuck in the same ID and Password

What should I do?? Can anyone give me some light on my way? TNKS GUYS

I try to do the WPS registration and no success. Im missing something. What im doing wrong? maybe router configuration? Please help me with these impossible mission.

Hi Lucas,

Don’t worry we are all struggling with this same frustrating issue.

As far as getting the device to connect to your network with WPS, You will need to make sure your router supports this in order for it to work.

But I can tell you from my experience that getting the device onto my network still didn’t work for me.

Do you have a Samsung Smart Things Station or Hub? One thing you can try, if you get the device on the network, is adding it manually under the Zigbang service Via Smart things. Some of these locks do have official Support but it seems to be only in Singapore or China.

I am not confident in the WiFi module ever working correctly with the App.

My current plan is try try something a little different. I plan to change the module to an RF module and pair it with a Samsung interlocker device which is usually meant for use in an intercom. (I think?)

The last part, I need to figure out completely, is connecting the video interlocker device to Smart Relay. I am thinking for me I am going with Zigbee because of the international stuff with Z-wave and I already have some Z-wave (z-wave plus to be exact) in the setup with Ring deivces.

So Once I get the interlocker hooked up to a smart relay, and that relay is integrated with my Smart Things Station, I should be able to add the Interlocker device as a Door Lock and see when it is opened and closed. It is not the same as the app with all logging and temp passcodes. But at least I can stay on my couch to open the door ;).

This is the Video Interlocker:

You would Pair it with this Chip in your Lock:

Then from there, from what I see in the video I shared, the SHS-ART120 is wired up to something similar to this board.

Then once that setup is complete with power and the Chips are synced, you can use the device port on the board as your Lock Device and create a Key in Smart Wallet. The pairing of the chip and interlocker seems trivial like you press the buttons after setting the lock into pairing mode. It isn’t quite as sophisticated as it being with NFC or even the new UWB feature.

One thing to note this is all un tested and please understand there is some risk to your lock if your try this. I had looked at a lot of the manuals and I see the P72 only states it can use a Wifi module. BUT I thought the same thing of the R80 until I found some different documents that seem to show it can also be paired with a remote control chip. Some documents state “Wifi Module” in the diagrams and some state “Wireless Module”.

I am not sure if you are in a country where you can source a Z-Wave module for that lock but if so you can probably use the custom Rboy drivers. I would confirm with them to be sure.

If all else fails I may try to replace the lock with one that I know would have some “Smart” functions.

Here is a video for a different Lock setup (Not Samsung) but the same Idea as what I am going for.

You can see in the comments some people ask about using this with their Samsung Locks and the creator states you can.

Basically you make the “Dumb” RF modules “Smart” by hooking them into a Smart relay. From there you have options as to what kind of system you want to integrate with.

I can’t get anywhere with obtaining a Z-wave chip for these locks and my goal is to have the lock added to my local hub so I can control. As opposed to use the App service. I have seen some other conversations on a Whirlpool forum regarding the Samsung locks. Some poeple have also had success with Sonof smart relay Dry contact switches.

I am new to the Smart relay stuff and not a great “wiring guy” so I am still trying to figure it out. In the meantime if you just want to try and get remote unlock you can try a kit like this:

This will get you started as far as at least remote Unlock. Again please do some more research and due diligence as I cannot guarantee the information I provide here will work for your Lock 100%.

I am going to research a bit more and read more on the community here regarding a compatible Zigbee dry contact relay parts.

I hope this helps in some way.

The other options I have heard of for really getting the lock to work for you would be to try setting up registering an IOS device as the country China or Singapore. Download the App Zigbang (Or Samsung Shome depending on model of lock) from there. Then you need a friend in either mainland China or Singapore to do the SMS setup with you. Then you can try adding the lock again. I believe the location services will report your IP as well so you may need to use VPN on top of it.

If you could somehow get it to work, I would immediately set it up in Smart things or Alexa, etc. and see if it works as well.

Let us know how you do. Good Luck!

So the solution is to change the wifi module? im right? ill do whatever is need for these to work!


Just sharing another interesting find here.

It looks like the Zigbee / Bluetooth Module is Model SHS-ADT300.

So far, sadly I am not seeing any available, at leaston USA Ebay:

I am unable to see the details of these Jira tickets. (Which contain details about what these developers are working on)

BUT I see some Recent Activity for Zigbee Support of SamsungSDS devices…Does this mean the possibility of getting an edge lua driver for these locks is real?

If anyone knows anything or if I am asking in the wrong please please let me know. When I search for zigbee and sds I am not finding anything. But these breadcrumbs are getting my hopes up. At least a little bit.

Hi ,

Yes I believe there will need to be a different module for you to get some remote abilities working. Please don’t take my advice as an authority on the matter. I am not yet 100% that all the modules work on all models. There could be some firmware mods that are done for region lock but I have a feeling this is not the case for the wireless modules. So right now yours is a WiFi Module. What you would need to find is either one of the RF modules I posted above, or better yet a Zigbee / Z-Wave module. Which I can’t find anywhere.

Also I am seeing some signs of life on this IOT SDK from Zigbang.

So who knows, maybe we will get a working app or driver eventually?

I had been trying to mess with the OAUTH link in a browser here and decode the JWT in the browser, it does seem to include a county code. But also doesn’t seem to be a legit JWT so I am not sure. Also poking at the API like this may be considered an abuse of service so I do not condone encourage or recommend doing so.

if you plug it in here:

But I tried setting it to SG or CH and then passing it back in the browser call. It still doesn’t work.

One thing of note is instead of getting a message that “Your Account Has Been Deregistered” I see a message that says “You don’t have a Door Lock Registered”. Interesting but probably meaningless.

I was able to register my China bought Dr719 to the official Samsung Smart Doorlock app and have all functions working correctly. But still can’t connect it to smart things though…

So cool!

What was the trick to get to added to the app? Are you using special router or VPN?

For Smart things,

Have you tried adding it manually as a Zigbang Smart Lock?

Now that you have it working, I would actually be careful about registering it to a hub. Maybe it will show the region and somehow de register you? I’m not certain on that.

Great work!

Ok So I am happy to report that the combination of SHS-ADT400 and the corresponding remote is compatible with my Samsung SHP-DR719BR/CN model.

I was able to configure it and I can now open the door with a remote control.

(Remote controller SHS-DARCX10 with module ADT400 for Samsung digital door lock | eBay)

Steps to register module:

  1. Remove batteries
  2. Insert Module
  3. Open door and press register button for 3 seconds and enter Passcode.
    With the door open,
    From here the options for my lock were:
  4. Press 4 and the * Asterisk Sign to Manage A Wireless Module
  5. Press 1 and the Asterisk sign to Register a Wireless Module.
  6. From here after pressing the keys you hear “ding dong” and you hold the button on the remote for 3 to 6 seconds.
  7. Upon success you will here, “It is registered successfully”

I am hoping the next step of getting the Video interlocker figured out with a smart dry contact relay (or something similar)


I forgot to ask. Which version of the App are you using and where did you get it?


I’ve tried a lot of different ways to make it work, including VPN, fake GPS, registering with a Chinese cellphone number. None of them worked. It turns out that the app is not looking for any information in the network or location tag. What ended up working is through an Android emulator which you can set it to simulate a Chinese SIM card. Zigbang Smart Doorlock apps immediately shows up all the available models as soon as it detects a Chinese SIM card.

In terms of the Zigbang Smart Doorlock apps, as far as I know there are two versions. One only allows you to register with a Chinese cellphone number, the other allows multiple country codes except for the Chinese one. I ended up using the first one since I know for sure that it includes DR719 as a selectable model. The other app might work as well but you need to find out which country also has DR719 available, I would try the Australian SIM since they seem to have that same model available.

The Chinese version does not work with Smart things. When you try to link it manually as a Zigbang Smart Doorlock you can’t login with the credentials registered using the Chinese cellphone number.

Wow thats amazing dude! Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you mind sharing which emulator you used?

So for adding to Smart things, I have the SmartThings station (SmartThings Station, Black Mobile Accessories - EP-P9500CBEGUS | Samsung US)

The smart things app does Show ZigBang As a partner for me, and there are 2 locks shown and a Generic Wifi Smart Lock. I think the second one uses the wifi-registration sequence and attempts to add the lock directly to the smart things station. Not sure if this would succeed but just getting where you are now would be good enough for me.

There are some Zigbee modules, which I am not sure I could ever source and I can’t validate they would work. I am going to try and get this going.

But you need a Chinese phone number to emulate the SIM or you do not?

Thanks again.