New phone. Can't log in

Hey everyone. I got a new phone today and am trying to log into ST app but it’s asking me to give it a code and I’m not sure what is asking for?

which app, Classic or new? have you checked for another location in the menu?

It’s the classic app I’m pretty sure. The one I’m trying to log into just says smartthings and has the blue circle icon.

I doubt get a chance to select my hub. Even I open the smartthings app it asks me if I’m new or I’m a ST user. I select ST user. It’s asks for my email address. Originally signed up with one. Even I enter that in it says your already signed in to this device w your SS account. Then loads me into a hub with no devices.

Choose new user instead.

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It then tells me I’m already logged into the phone w a Samsung account. Will not let me use the separate once made for my ST account.

So the Samsung account you login to the ST app is different from the Samsung account you use for your phone?

Yeah. Because I got the hub like 4 yrs ago and the phone account I set up like 2 yrs ago. But it hasn’t ever been a problem on my older phones.

Hey guys. Just sent ahead and signed out and back in with the old account. So long as I get my earbuds I don’t really have any reason to have to use the 2nd one.