Smartthings not recognizing DTH for 3 different Zooz devices

I recently tried to add 3 new Zooz devices to my ST hub - RGBW DIMMER ZEN31, Q SENSOR ZSE11, and 700 SERIES XS WATER LEAK SENSOR ZSE42. I added the DTH provided by thesmartesthouse to IDE, I then connected the device but I’m not seeing the new interface on the app. I’ve removed the devices and the DTH code and reinstalled multiple times for each.

I also have a couple Zooz 4 in 1 and ZSE18’s I installed a few months ago with no issue and are still working correctly. I thought about removing the ZSE18 DTH to see if it’s a new connection issue or a DTH issue for each of the above listed devices but I’m afraid if I do that I’ll lose the DTH. I contacted Samsung to see if there was a known connection issue and they said there wasn’t and referred me here.

Any ideas?

Did you change the device type in the IDE so that the devices use the correct DTH?

@philh30 - I added the custom code, saved, and published. Is there more I need to do to it?

In the IDE, go to My Devices, then click the device you’ve joined, then scroll to the bottom and hit Edit, then change the Type field to Zooz Q Sensor (the DTHs you’ve added will be all the way at the bottom). Then click Update. You may need to close/reopen the app and possibly clear the cache to get it to refresh.

A device will usually choose the right DTH when it joins, but it often doesn’t, so this is how you manually change it to the one you want it to use.


Thanks @philh30 super helpful!

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