Smartthings New App Won't Show Devices on Hub

I’m trying to get my GE Smartswitch removed from the older hub to a new hub. I reset the device and then go to the hub. But when I pick the older hub, the “connected devices” window on the old hub just continues to spin a wait symbol. It never resolves and I never get to see the devices.

When I pick the new hub, I see the connected devices.

The problem is, I never get the menu to run the Z-Wave exclude function. Therefore, I never get to remove the GE Smartswitch.

Any ideas?

Are you unable to find the exclusion option in the new app? If yes, click on the hub in the new app, then click on More options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select z-wave utilities.

But I have seen some users have reported not seeing that feature in the new app. In that case,login to IDE, go to hubs, select view utilities and use the z-wave exclusion tool from there.

That’s the problem… it never resolves so that I get the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen because the connected devices never get resolved. It just sits there and spins and spins, never builds out the device list and so the 3 dots never appear.

Not sure how to resolve that. If it is only happening with the older hub and you are migrating to the new one that does not experience that issue… you can exclude from the new hub or from IDE as noted above.

I’m not fully migrating just moving those devices that are in the barn to the barn hub, leaving the devices in the cabin on the cabin hub.

I’ve tried to use the Web interface and run Z-wave exclude from the website, does that do the same thing as the local app?

yes, it should.

also, report your connected devices not loading to ST support and let them investigate.