SmartThings Wi-Fi hub unable to exclude devices

I am using the smartthings et-wv525 Wi-Fi hubs and have been very happy with them for the most part.

The issue I am running into is regarding a Schlage door lock that I moved from one property to another and can not get it to connect to the home network because I need to exclude it.

Samsung has removed the exclude option from the app and doing factory resets on the lock has not solved the issue.

I am running the latest app, all software is up to date, anyone have a fix for this?

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so if you click on the 3 dots in the upper right, there is no z-wave utilities listed?

if not, you can run z-wave exclude from IDE under My Hubs > View Utilities (at least for 5 more weeks you can)

The only options in the three dots are edit and information. Screenshot won’t capture the options for some reason.

I am not familiar with what IDE is and I am not seeing a my hubs section within SmartThings. More info on this, please.

IDE is at

After you login, go to My Locations and click on the name of your Location. After that, go to My Hubs and look for View Utilities. When in that section, look for a-wave exclude near the the top of that window.

IDE will only be available for the next 5 weeks until it is retired.

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I can confirm that with the WiFi hub 520 you also don’t get the utility menu. You get edit, information, and driver once you have subscribed to an Edge channel. No utilities.

There are other differences like no display of smartthings hub version string - you can get the wifi hub version string but not the smartthings hub.

Also you can’t select “secure mode” or enable device firmware updates - both are options but generate a “network or server error occurred.” error. Not an issue for me because I have no zigbee devices to worry about.

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When I go to the link it doesn’t show me any hubs and gives makes me add a new device handler. Is this correct or am I missing something?

Did you go to My Locations first and tap on the name of your location?

Thank you for that! Was finally able to get some time to play with it and I got it working!

Any idea what Samsung thinks we will do after they discontinue IDE?

You may want to contact ST and inquire why z-wave utilities and the secure join do not show on your hub. It seems to me, they should.

As for IDE and the future… no announcements have been made in regards to several features that users want (hub reboot, mode creation, etc) and we just don’t have the answers yet.

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