Smartthings new app (STSC v3) constantly logging out on iPhone

We are having problems with the new Smartthings app constantly logging our iPhones out when not in use. When we open the app we get a message:

“You’ve been signed out of your Samsung account automatically. Sign in again to continue using Smartthings”. (see below)

This is causing automations that use presence sensors to fail as the hub is not notified of presence changes when logged out of the app. I have been working with Samsung support for several months to no avail. Is anyone else having this issue or has anyone found a resolution?

In searching this community, I saw this was a problem with the classic app a few years ago and saw recently on Reddit that some users were also having this problem. We are on the latest version of the Smartthings v3 app and use ios 12 (not upgraded to 13 yet). We have two locations (one for home, the other for a vacation home) and each location has its own instance of each iPhone.

Oddly, while we were out of the country for six weeks, the app never signed us out - we were able to check on both homes with no issues. Now that we are home, it is signing out every couple of days.

Any help would be appreciated.
Bill W.

unfortunately this is a known issue that has been going on since the last app update :frowning:

The only “workaround” to avoid the automatic log out is to forget about using the app as a presence sensor. :frowning_face:

The action of arriving/exiting an area is the one that triggers the log out. I have a ticket with support with this but there’s no solution yet.

Same problem here, I will be opening a case with smartthings about this.

Same here 3 iPhones in my household all have the same problem, my Samsung S10 however rock solid on the other hand with respect to displaying accurate presence. What is the malfunction in getting a critical feature to work on a ubiquitous phone?

I don’t have the log off issue, but now ST thinks my iPhone’s are always “away”.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve had a ticket open since August. You would think they’d get this fixed as it defeats the purpose of a presence sensor if it’s going to log you out. Previous to August, it worked flawlessly.

Now my automations for evening lights and door locks are useless without a presence sensor telling SmartThings whether I’m home or away.


Hello @wilds.west, please find here an alternative:



Install the Classic App. The presence sensors will show up in it and you will remain logged in…