Constant logouts from new STSC App

Over the past month, my spouse and I have been logged out of our iOS Smartthings app almost on a daily basis. We have not been able to determine the root cause of this issue but it is causing issues with our automations that use the iPhone presence sensor.

Our setup is as follows:

We have two hubs in two different locations (Tucson AZ & Crested Butte CO). We recently added the 2nd location in the Colorado Rockies when we added home automation to our vacation home. About the same time, we noticed that our iPhone apps were being logged out. Frequently when we open the app, we get a screen with a sign-in request. Sometimes it will log us in automatically simply by pressing the sign-in button.

Our Colorado home has a mesh WiFi network and we have no issues with connectivity with any of our other apps. We use T-Mobile as our carrier and only occasionally have lost data connections while outside the house although this should not cause a logout from an app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps and we still have logout issues.

Have other users experienced similar issues? What can we do to stop these logouts as it is causing the automations that use iPhone presence sensor to no longer work properly. I have installed the classic app but that causes issues with multiple devices for each location and we use the new app because of devices that aren’t supported in the classic app.

I’ve also contacted Samsung support and am waiting for a reply while they “may be delayed due to a sudden volume increase”.


yup, but only recently on the latest version. And on iOS installing classic and the new app at the same time causes the new app to turn off location tracking. (and the duplicate mobile device as you’ve noticed). Quite the PITA.

Thanks Jimmy.

We never had a problem until just recently. It’s been hard to isolate the issue because we added a 2nd hub/location plus relocated to Colorado for the summer which has sporadic cell service. I heard from Samsung Support who asked for a screenshot, iOS version, etc. After 40 years in IT, I spent months learning the nuances of STSC vs Classic, logic problems, etc. But working with these apps is like a moving target. Frustrating but alternatives aren’t much better.

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